November 22, 2019

When to Use the Beacon or Controller (or both)?

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skydio drone beacon flying

Meet Beacon

The best way to fly Skydio 2 while you’re on the move.
skydio 2 beacon drone autonomous
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke, probably shortly after his first Skydio 2 flight with Beacon.

GPS augments visual tracking for ultimate unshakability.

skydio drone following dirt bike
GPS + visual tracking = smoother, more cinematic footage

skydio drone following person behind trees
GPS enables non-visual tracking so Skydio 2 can keep following you even if it can’t see you.

One-handed push-button and motion-based flight controls make it easy to get great shots with or without your phone.

skydio 2 drone using beacon
Set/change Skydio 2 to your preferred filming angle with the push of a button.

drone following boat sydio 2
Double-tap-Dronie: The big dramatic reveal shot is never more than a double tap away.

using skydio beacon drag and drop
Magic Wand: Place Skydio 2 wherever you want in the sky with intuitive “drag & drop” controls.

Meet Controller

Skydio Autonomy + Precision Control is an incredibly powerful formula for getting the toughest shots.

skydio controller

An unmatched experience for stress/crash-free flight enthusiasts.

using skydio controller
Full 360 Obstacle Avoidance means you can fly safely in any direction without fear of crashing.

skydio drone autonomous
Smart path planning provides a safe & smooth flying experience for Skydio 2 pilots of all experience levels.

Precision Controls

setting custom flight settings drone skydio 2
Get that tricky shot you’ve always wanted with custom flight sensitivity settings.

skydio 2 controller boost fast speed button
Boost Button & Zoom Controls create great FPV footage and make flying backwards a breeze.

In Summary


  • Best For: Flying with one hand or no hands.
  • Pros: Very Cool. Possibly Magic. Get great shots, no phone required.
  • Cons: Isn’t Waterproof (easy solve).


  • Best For: Two-handed precision flight with no stress.
  • Pros: “Have fun! Be Safe!” Has a secret boost button. Also very cool.
  • Cons: Not great for drone-crash enthusiasts.

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