February 10, 2021

Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Mark Freeman

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Skydio 2 selfies with Mark and his girlfriend

It is incredible to see what our customers have been able to accomplish with our favorite flying robot. Over the past year, we have seen everything from insane mountain biking and windsurfing to flawless flights, soaring backwards through the jungle and chasing skiers down the slopes. Although, we must say, the best part has been getting to know the creators who have brought some of the most unthinkable moments to life, all with the help of their Skydio 2.

Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to a few of these creators who we are proud to support and stoked to introduce as official partners of Skydio as well as some Skydio Featured Flyers.

Without further ado, meet Mark Freeman, aka MarkFreeman408. Mark is best known for his wild backyard antics riding dirt bikes, side by sides, simulating insane car crashes and yes, often entertaining his fans with unexpected explosions. Mark has taken his Skydio 2 to the next level over the past year allowing him to focus on his stunts while Skydio 2 swoops in to capture the moment. We sat down with Mark to learn more about how he got started with his Skydio 2 and what he loves most about his personal flying film crew.

Hey Mark, tell us a little bit about who you are and some of your proudest accomplishments.

My name’s Mark Freeman, I’ve been a YouTuber for 11 years and counting and love every moment of it! I’ve always been one to never sit down and always keep moving forward. I love YouTube because it gives me a chance to come up with any ideas I like, create them, travel the world and make a living out of it. It was never my plan from the beginning but as I grew so did the opportunities. I always thought I’d make a career out of professional motocross racing but got to that level and realized I was having more fun with YouTube than racing. I’ve reached over 300,000 subscribers and received many awards and publications along the way with the help from all my sponsors, especially Skydio. Skydio allows me to get the shot wherever I am without a drone pilot.

Mark Freeman jumping cars filmed autonomously by Skydio 2

Why did you decide to partner with Skydio?

I partnered with Skydio because it truly was the best “follow drone.” I worked with a few other companies previously but nothing could compare to the autonomous capability of the Skydio drones. It’s allowed me to get the shots I would’ve never been able to accomplish before.

Mark Freeman and his girlfriend out on the lake filming with Skydio 2

What is your favorite activity to pair with your Skydio 2?

My favorite activity to pair with the Skydio 2 is the Beacon and head out to do some motocross riding or snowmobiling! The drone never loses sight of me and always has a crazy mind of its own where it manages to get the perfect footage.

Mark filming himself dirt biking with Skydio 2

What is your favorite video that you’ve shot with your Skydio 2, what do you love about it?

My favorite video I’ve shot with the Skydio 2 was when I traveled west to Wyoming for mountain snowmobiling, the conditions were perfect and the Skydio 2 got every shot I wanted and dreamed of. I went home happy with some amazing footage.

Mark filming snowmobile content for his channel with Skydio 2

What is your favorite Skydio Skill, Tip or Trick?

My favorite Skydio tip is if you’re using the Beacon for any sort of riding, use a few rubber bands and attach it right to your handlebars. That way the drone will never lose you.

ATV mudding with Skydio 2 nailing the shot autonomously

Anything else you would like to share?

I’d just like to thank Skydio for the opportunities they’ve given me and the amazing technology they’ve put into the Skydio 2, I wouldn’t have 1/4 of the amazing shots I’ve captured without it.

Capturing epic drifting dust clouds autonomously with Skydio 2

Thanks Mark! We love working with you and can’t wait to see what wild ideas you come up with next! To learn more about Mark and see more of his videos, check him out on Instagram or subscribe to his growing YouTube channel!

Snowmobile barrel roll captured on Skydio 2

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