October 18, 2021

Featured Flyer Spotlight: Nelson Bustamante

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Cristin Whetten - Skydio 2

I'm Nelson Bustamante from Hawaii and I’m proud to be living in paradise, being a family man, and doing the things I love to do! I've been flying drones for 7 years now, but Skydio is unlike any other that I've flown in the past. It's in a league of its own. Simply the best for action shots. Its autonomous features are something no other drone can come close to. Soon after people learned my secret of capturing awesome solo-shots, everyone started referring to me as the Skydio guy!

Skydio 2 hawaii nelson bustamante

My quest for a follow drone to capture my adventures, without worry of losing me within the first minute has lead me to Skydio. Kendall Martin’s first Skydio 2 follow drone footage on YouTube convinced me to give it a shot, and boy I'm so glad I did because it's been pure joy since I got my hands on Skydio 2.

Nelson Bustamante forest running Skydio 2

I do lots of hiking and trail running so these are my favorites activities to film with my Skydio 2 here on Hawaii. After flying it for more than a year, its hard to say which video is my favorite. Every shot I capture is unique and special in it's own way. The ease-of-use and worry-free aerial footage, without compromising quality is what I love most about Skydio 2. It captures exactly what I want it, in the easiest possible way.

Skydio 2 sunset beach nelson bustamante

All the follow modes using the Skydio Beacon are indispensable, I particularly love the Instant-Dronie feature. I always plan the exact location and angle I want before initiating the Dronie, and viola, great footage every single time!

Nelson Bustamante sunset skydio 2 hawaii

While the footage straight out of the drone is already great, editing it makes it extra polished for the exact story I want to convey through my footage. I love sharing videos with cinematic, upbeat music that showcases the energy of my adventures. I share my videos on Facebook, IG and YouTube and am quite active in the Skydio Facebook groups sharing my favorite moments captured by Skydio 2.

Nelson Bustamante Waterfall skydio 2 selfie

Skydio definitely put out a revolutionary product. And I cant wait to see how this technology will improve moving forward. My anticipation is top notch knowing that the future for Skydio is bright. Let's do this!

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