June 21, 2021

Skydio Featured Flyer Spotlight: Nick Hearn

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Nick Hearn Skydio 2

Nick Hearn has had his Skydio 2 for several months now, and we've been blown away by the creativity and quality of his Skydio 2 footage. We've enjoyed his content so much, we decided to have Nick join us to talk about his background, how he uses Skydio 2, and how it has changed the way he captures content.

Nick Hearn Puppy

Tell us who you are and what you are most proud of accomplishing.

My name is Nick Hearn and I am a content creator located in Southwest Florida. I’m proud that I’m able to do something that I love every day. Being a creator consistently pushes me out of my comfort zone to try new products, capture unique experiences and meet new people.

Orbit trees Skydio 2 Nick hearn

Do you have experience flying manual drones? If so, How has Skydio been different?

Yes, I’ve flown a number of DJI drones, including the newly released DJI Mavic Air 2s. The difference between these drones comes down to trust. I trust my Skydio 2 to navigate around any obstacles where I don’t have that same comfort level with other drones. I had the Mavic Air 2s flying in an orbit around me while I was walking and it flew straight into a bush almost falling off a very steep cliff. I did the same shoot with my Skydio and had zero issues.

Nick Hearn Skydio 2 orbit

How did you get involved with Skydio?

As soon as I saw Skydio, I was determined to work with them because I’ve never seen such a unique drone with so many features.

Nick Hearn Skydio 2

What is your favorite activity to pair with your Skydio 2?

I LOVE shooting videos that shows how well Skydio can navigate around obstacles, especially when using the subject follow feature with the beacon or just from your phone. You can really capture some unique shots that look like they were taken from a FPV drone.

Beach orbit skydio 2

What is your favorite video that you've shot with your Skydio 2, what do you love about it?

My wife and I love riding our electric bikes on the beach and Skydio, of course, is up for the challenge. I had a lot of fun using the orbit feature to capture our beach bike ride at sunset.

Skydio 2 Cable skill Nick hearn basketball

What is your favorite Skydio Skill, Tip or Trick to help other users get great content?

Most importantly, learn to trust Skydio 2. Seeing this drone fly on its own is mind blowing and at first a little scary, but know that it knows what it’s doing. Take advantage of the unique features Skydio offers within the app, including one of my favorites — The Cable Skill! This allows you to set point A and B to capture amazing cinematic footage, all hands-free (and of course, it still avoids any obstacles). Don’t forget, Skydio 2 also captures great JPEG and RAW photos as well.

Nick Hearn Skydio 2 photography

Where do you prefer to share your Skydio content and type of content do you enjoy posting?

I share all of my Skydio content on my Instagram. I enjoy posting short videos taken on Skydio 2, showing off the fun features this drone offers.

Skydio 2 car orbit Nick Hearn

Thanks for joining us Nick! We're always excited to see what you're going to create next.

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