August 2, 2021

#Skydio4kFrames Photo Challenge

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Skydio 4k Frames Photo Challenge

Today we are announcing the kickoff of the #Skydio4kFrames Photo Challenge. From now until the end of August, Skydio 2 owners that post still frames or photos exported from the Skydio app with the tag #Skydio4kFrames will be eligible to win TWO Skydio 2 batteries, a special Skydio SWAG bag and a feature across Skydio’s social channels.

How it works:

  1. Follow @SkydioHQ on Instagram
  2. Tag #Skydio4kFrames and @SkydioHQ in your post
  3. That’s it! You will be entered to win TWO Skydio 2 batteries and a special Skydio SWAG bag from #TeamSkydio.
  4. Winners will be announced on or around August 30th on @SkydioHQ’s Instagram!

Everyone knows that Skydio 2 is a totally unique flying and content capture experience, but did you know how easy it is to capture beautiful, crisp, still photography from your flights? Unlike other drones, Skydio 2 always defaults to recording video when it is airborne, which means Skydio 2 owners can export high-quality still photography from any part of their flight, so every moment is captured forever in 4k. That’s what makes the #Skydio4kFrames Photo Challenge unique, you might already have the perfect frame/photo to submit without even knowing it!

Export a frame

We want to see it all, from your most epic action moments to that memorable mountain top sunset, and everything in between. Old content or new, we want to see your favorite moments captured on Skydio 2. This finally gives you an excuse to brag on social media about your new robot-camera-drone and how it autonomously captures your trips, hikes, shred sessions, off-road adventures, photo missions, or for some people, lawn mowing .

Jeep through water Skydio 2

For this photo challenge we want you to go through your previous flights in the Skydio app or head out on an adventure to capture the perfectly framed photo to submit! Don’t worry, you’re not limited on submissions. Any frame/photo posted online tagged with #Skydio4kFrames will be entered into the challenge! Winners announced throughout August. That’s all you need to know! Now either sit back and swipe through your previous flights or start planning your next epic frame or photo to submit!


What do I get if I win the #Skydio4kFrames Challenge?
Winners will receive TWO Skydio 2 batteries, a special Skydio SWAG bag, and be featured across Skydio’s social channels. 

How many winners will there be?
There will be multiple winners featured throughout the month. Top submissions will have the opportunity to win Skydio SWAG and be featured on Skydio’s social channels.

How do I export a 4k frame (photo)?

Watch this quick tutorial. To export a photo from your footage, connect your Skydio 2 to your mobile device and open the Skydio 2 app. Select a flight from your media tab, select create a clip, then scrub through your footage to find the perfect frame. Once you’ve found your shot, hit the snapshot button at the bottom right of the frame to export a 4k still image to your camera roll.

What if I cannot access my footage via the Skydio 2 app?
If you are not able to access your flight via the Skydio 2 app or on your drone, but you have the full resolution 4k footage on your computer, we will accept a high resolution export of the frame. You can use a variety of different softwares to do this.

What’s the difference between a 4k frame and a 12mp photo taken by Skydio 2?
A 4k frame is a 3840x2160 resolution photo exported from a Skydio 2 flight that is recording 4k video.  12mp photos are slightly higher resolution (4056x3040) and must be captured in Photo Mode. It’s almost impossible to tell which is which when sharing on social media due to upload compression. 

Are 12mp photos captured in Photo Mode eligible? 

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