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Aerial bridge inspections and 3D modeling reduced costs by 30%.


Bridge inspections are traditionally performed with a 'paper and pencil' process that be lengthy (3-4 weeks per bridge), costly, and at times, risky.

Skydio Solution

With the help of Collins Engineering, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MDOT), implemented a more advanced solution for bridge inspections. Skydio drones were used to collect detailed data with 3D scanning and then create digital twins of the bridge to use for pre-inspection work for crews to reference while in the field. MDOT estimates 70-80% of defects are detected on the digital twins before field inspections are conducted.


MDOT experienced a 30% reduction in inspection costs and reduced time in the field by 50%.

The typical process for a bridge inspection is using pencil and paper, and it would take three to four weeks in the field. We cut that time to about two weeks, two and a half weeks, shaving off a week of time in the field. We’re estimating it's about a 30% reduction in inspection costs. And at the same time, we're, we're delivering better information.

Barritt Lovelace, VP of UAS Collins Engineers Inc.

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