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Stantec cuts time and costs in half for major bridge inspection.


Inspecting the Mike O'Callaghan-Tillman Bridge, spanning the Colorado river on the Nevada and Arizona state border using using traditional methods would take two weeks, require lane closures, snooper trucks, and the use of harnesses for workers to climb the bridge.

Skydio Solution

Stantec partnered with Skydio to develop a comprehensive drone-based bridge inspection plan that used 3D scan for assessing the structure from all angles which includes difficult to reach areas around columns, underneath the bridge arch segments, and in the tight spaces around girders.

Skydio 3D scan flight pattern scanning bridge support

With the traditional drones typically you have a pilot and also someone who’s the visual observer, and possibly someone operating some of the camera controls. There’s usually a lot of folks on site, plus the engineer that’s also looking over how the data capture is being done. With Skydio we’ve been able to consolidate a lot of that, especially with 3D scan, into one single person. The engineer, the 3D scan and the data collection – all into one hat, essentially. That’s been a huge game changer.

Michael Marshall, Senior Associate - Bridges Stantec


Inspection time was reduced from ten days to five days on the Mike O'Callaghan-Tillman Bridge, reducing the cost by 50%. In addition, they were able to reduce the need for snooper trucks, reduced usage of harnesses and limited lane closure which led to increased safety.

Skydio X2 drone deployed at base of bridge column

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