live view of drone responding to incident scene
drone overlooking crash scene


Accelerate response by getting eyes on the scene ahead of your officers

Give first responders real-time scene information before they engage

Set your agency up for a future where your drones respond automatically to an incident, arriving before ground units, and live-stream the scene to both arriving officers and all additional stakeholders. Officers can assess the situation before engaging, keeping them and the community safer. A continuous feed enables better decision-making as things progress, leading to the best outcomes for your community.

This vision becomes reality with Skydio.

More than 320 law enforcement agencies rely on Skydio in 47 states and Across Canada
More than 320 law enforcement agencies rely on Skydio in 47 states and Across Canada

“X10 – the speed to get it up in the air, the distance it can go, the thermal and the lights – these are all crime-fighting tools.”

John Chell
NYPD Chief of Patrol

The path to fully autonomous DFR

Empower officers with Skydio drones in every vehicle

Get an aerial view every time you need it with autonomous drones that anyone can fly with a few hours of training.

illustration of an officer launching a Skydio drones from their vehicle

Enable remote pilots to fly drones launched by ground units 

Free the responding officers to focus on activity on the ground by passing control of the drone to a remote pilot in another location. 1

illustration of remote pilots to flying the drones launched by ground units

Launch & fly drones remotely to arrive before officers 

Speed drones to incidents ahead of your officers by keeping them docked in strategic locations to respond quickly to any call. Live stream the scene to responding officers and additional stakeholders. 1

illustration of remote pilots to flying the drones to get to scene before officers arrive

Automate call response with fully autonomous flight

Activate drones automatically when you get 911 calls. Integrate with 3rd- party applications (like ShotSpotter) for even quicker response. Faster intelligence informs better tactical decisions.

illustration of a fleet of drones responding to a number of scenes before officers arrive

How Skydio X10 enables Patrol-Led Drone as First Responder (DFR)

Drone as First Responder Demonstration

See more, stay safer

Increase situational awareness

Get quick visibility into large areas and see more clearly in hard to reach environments. Our specially-designed FLIR Boson+ thermal sensors can help locate people who may be hidden from sight. Engage Skydio NightSense and easily navigate the drone in low or no light — indoors or out. You can also extend your coverage area with Skydio Connect 5G, anywhere there’s a cellular connection.

FLIR drone being used by police for a mission

Start your journey by empowering your ground officers

Scene Documentation

Easily capture comprehensive data at any outdoor crash or crime scene, day or night, so responding personnel can process and clear scenes faster. Include Skydio intelligent drones in your forensic teams’ toolkit.

drone 3d scan and modeling an incident for scene reconstruction

Patrol-Led DFR

Empower your ground officer to transfer control to central command once the drone is activated. While a remote pilot flies the drone, the responding officer can fully engage in the situation with enhanced intelligence. 1

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remote pilot led drone as first responder

Patrol Overwatch

Gain a tactical edge with real-time intelligence from a 360-degree aerial view on every call where and when you need it. 1  Identify subjects, vehicles or other objects of interest from a safe distance.

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drone aerial view of accident incident

See why the Oklahoma City Police Department chooses Skydio

Watch video

Share info faster, improve outcomes

Improve tactical decision making

Make real-time information accessible to stakeholders — from more senior officers in a command center to officers checking their computers in vehicles while en route. Your teams will be able to respond to dynamic situations with the most up-to-date intelligence — allocating personnel, directing response to minimize risk of use of force, and delivering more successful outcomes. 1

drone being used to stream video back to control center

Automate call response to view the scene faster

Drones are a force multiplier, however you use them. That’s amplified with a fully automated DFR program. Imagine when you are able to integrate your 911 system and third party apps (that detect gunshots, for example). Our drones would be deployed without delay, fly directly to the site, and provide accurate locations for responding ground units and critical real-time information. Skydio will help you integrate the technology you need with our experts who know how to guide and support you on the journey to this advanced state of policing.

Skydio police drone with black-and-white USA flag in the background

Trust the experts on our team to guide you on a successful journey

The Skydio team is committed to the responsible use of drones in public safety and works with agencies to ensure the 5Cs are addressed as we develop your program together. Learn More

Fritz Reber

Former Police Captain with Chula Vista PD, UAS Team Commander and visionary behind DFR operations

Photo of Fritz Reber

Deepu John

Former Detective who developed the drone program for the NYPD

Photo of Deepu John

Kabe Termes

Assisted with implementation of DFR program at Chula Vista PD

Photo of Kabe Termes

Jason LaFond

Former Detective responsible for the body worn camera program at NYPD

Photo of Jason LaFond

Jenn Player

Deep experience in regulatory affairs. Spearheaded an industry-leading regulatory program under the FAA’s Pathfinder Program

Photo of Jenn Player

Jakee Stoltz

Expert knowledge in regulatory approvals for public safety operations, UAS policy. Assisted with one of the first ever UAS-assisted night arrests.

Photo of Jakee Stoltz

Noreen Charlton

Former Senior Crime Scene Analyst with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Photo of Noreen Charlton

Count on Skydio to help you increase mission success

Officer holding a Skydio X2 drone
Highway patrol mission launching with Skydio 2+ drone


Let us show you how to elevate your emergency response


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1 Remote piloting and continuous live-stream are dependent on cellar network connectivity. BVLOS permit required for remote flight.