drone flying around power station
drone flying around power station


Keep your plant in peak performance

…with aerial inspections

Spot issues faster with more frequent inspections and maintain quality service

Monitor coal, natural gas, petroleum, and nuclear power plant equipment without bucket lifts, ropes, scaffolding, or dangerous walk-abouts. Use Skydio to safely survey critical infrastructure anywhere.

You can navigate in highly energized, obstacle rich environments, so you can access every gauge, switch, joint, and perimeter easily. Our ground-breaking AI-driven autonomous technology enables you to generate fully comprehensive inspection datasets while keeping inspectors on the ground, and out of harm’s way.

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The safest way to conduct any inspection

“A 20-minute inspection by a battery-powered drone keeps our colleagues safe and saves time as they no longer need to rappel down the side of a structure.”

Nate Robie
Dominion Energy

No other inspection solution performs like Skydio

See your equipment up close

Read gauges, inspect boilers and smokestacks, and monitor waste facilities without putting your employees at risk. Get new perspectives that traditional inspection methods just don’t capture. Skydio flies within arms-length of your hardest to reach equipment with sub-millimeter precision, bringing you better data to make better decisions.

Get an aerial perspective without a heavy training burden

Proficient in minutes and expert in just hours, your inspectors can get the views they need with far less risk. Skydio inspection drones capture the data for them. Our advanced AI-driven autonomous technology enables operators to avoid obstacles automatically. So anyone, no matter their skill level, can fly confidently in complex environments.

drone being flown over power equipment

Collect high-quality imagery to generate 2D maps and 3D models

Get the data you need to generate models that inform better maintenance decisions. Minimal pre-planning and operator oversight required. Your inspector can view drone inspection imagery while on-site and verify they have the complete data set needed to enable high-quality modeling with your choice of programs including DroneDeploy, Bentley, RealityCapture, Pix4D.

drone making 3D map of power facility

Three more reasons plant managers love Skydio

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Thermal Equipped

Identify heat and temperature differences to recognize anomalies on critical power generation infrastructure.

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Trusted Source

Protect the security of critical infrastructure with a solution designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.

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Regulatory Guidance

Engage our team of experts to help you through the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver process.

Top utilities trust Skydio to monitor critical infrastructure

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Skydio X2E Thermal Drone

Thermal/color options, NDAA compliant, extended flight

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Skydio 2+ Drone

Compact frame for tight spaces, indoor operation

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Remote drone operation control center

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Enterprise Controller

Mobile controller with built-in screen, long range

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Autonomy Enterprise

Advanced automated flight intelligence

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3D Scan

Automate inspections with full image capture of assets

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Skydio Cloud

Fleet management, media sync, model viewer

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Regulatory Services

Support for BVLOS waiver application

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Online and in-person product training

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Contracted upgrades so you always have the latest

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Skydio Care

Low cost replacements for 3 years

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