Autonomous Drones for Public Safety

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Skydio Autonomy unlocks the full power of drones to serve as force multipliers in a variety of missions

How Drones are Used in Public Safety

Tactical Situational Awareness

Even highly skilled pilots encounter GPS signal failure, making manual drones useless. Skydio’s 360° obstacle avoidance and GPS-denied flight unlocks safe and confident operations in obstacle-rich environments.

Search & Rescue

Cover more ground than ever before with a Skydio search and rescue drone. Scan the skies from above and fly low in obstacle-dense, hard-to-reach areas such as cliffs, along river banks, into ravines and ditches.

Hostile Scene De-escalation

Fly confidently at ground level, around obstacles and indoors using vision-based navigation. Get up close to dangerous situations to get eyes on the scene without putting officers at risk.

Incident Scene Documentation

Quickly and accurately document scenes pairing your Skydio drone with Skydio 3D Scan. Get better angles on critical evidence, sync data with Skydio Cloud or Axon Evidence and decrease societal impact thanks to a more efficient process.

Strategic Partnership with Axon

The integration of Axon and Skydio market-leading solutions unlock the full potential of autonomous drones for live aerial intelligence and evidence management

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Unlocking BVLOS Operations with Autonomy

Tactical BVLOS operations approval enables first responders to fly beyond visual range, cover much greater distances, collect more data with fewer deployments, and can keep operators out of dangerous situations.

“Close Proximity, Low Altitude flights will enable our drone teams to respond more quickly and efficiently to emergencies—enhancing the safety of the public and our officers. The Skydio Autonomy system enables officers to fly a drone safely and reliably in emergency situations without fear of crashing.”

- Lieutenant Don Redmond, CVPD UAS Commander

Public Safety Drone News

Autonomous Drones for First Responders

The Skydio Original Series, Autonomous Drones for First Responders tells the story of first responders facing four different missions, from fire fighting to search and rescue and law enforcement, highlighting what happens when public safety operations are conducted with the support of an intelligent drone capable of providing actionable aerial intelligence.

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Commitment to the Responsible Use for the Public Safety Community

Skydio takes pride in developing autonomous solutions that our customers and the public at large can trust. Skydio partnered with DRONERESPONDERS to help develop principles to advance the responsible and effective deployment of first responder drone programs.

The Five C’s: Principles for the Responsible Use of Drones by Public Safety Agencies

“Leading DOJ’s drone program showed me that the most successful drone programs prioritized community engagement and the protection of privacy and civil liberties. Public safety, after all, is a public trust — and trust is always earned, never given.”

- Brendan Groves, Head of Regulatory and Policy Affairs, Skydio

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