pilot operator piloting Skydio drone remotely
pilot operator piloting Skydio drone remotely

Skydio Remote Flight Deck

Pilot from the browser and get extra eyes on any scene

Unleash your program’s potential with remote flight operations for Patrol-Led Drone as First Responder (DFR), search and rescue, infrastructure inspections, and more

Pilot drones from anywhere

Launch and fly directly from the browser, with unlimited range offered by 5G connectivity wherever cellular coverage is available. 1

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Empower teamwork in the skies

Enable fluid handoffs between ground and remote pilots, ensuring the right pilot is in command in every situation. 1

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Enhance team situational awareness

Live stream flights for remote and local pilots to share a common operating picture, enabling teams to make informed decisions in real time. 1

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Expand your horizon with remote flight operations

Incorporate remote flights and transform your operations while increasing the safety of your people in a broad range of situations.

Improve incident response with Patrol-Led DFR

Give responding officers the ability to quickly activate a drone in the field and seamlessly transfer control to a command center. Leave flying to experienced pilots away from the scene, improve situational awareness to guide arriving officers, and de-escalate situations with more intelligence to inform tactical response.

See a demo of how this works.

drone pilot sending drone to scene of fire

Increase coverage area for Search and Rescue

Multiply boots on the ground when time is critical. First responders on the ground can deploy a drone, and get back to a search while a remote pilot expands the search area with eyes in the sky.

drone remotely searching wooded area

Expand substation inspection

Inspect substations faster without the need for pilots in the field. Ground crews can power up drones at the inspection site, then hand off control to a remote pilot in the office – freeing up crews to address issues and maintenance while the inspections are in progress.

drone entering dangerous high EMF substation area

Collaborate on bridge inspections

Streamline bridge inspections by sharing a live stream with remote inspectors and stakeholders and letting them fly the drone from their browser. They can get the exact view and data they want for more confident decision making.

remotely inspecting a bridge pylon

Build a strong foundation for fully autonomous remote operations

Successful remote flights require drones you can trust to fly themselves — day or night. Skydio is the only truly intelligent drone built with an autonomy architecture and an integrated hardware-software approach that lets you fly with confidence, 24/7.

Skydio X10's AI-enabled obstacle avoidance and industry-first darkness navigation system make it easy to precisely map its environment in real time — and recall every detail for future missions. With six navigation cameras, even the most complex settings are well within its reach.

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picture in picture thermal and live view of shipping port

Let us show you how to make every mission count with Remote Flight Deck

1 Remote piloting and continuous live stream are dependent on cellar network connectivity. BVLOS permit required for remote flight.

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