Skydio Wildlife preservation

Wildlife Conservation

Supporting researchers and organizations through autonomous flight

Monitor at a Distance

Animals are unpredictable in the field. With Skydio Scout and other automated workflows, you can safely and confidently get the data you need, at a distance safe for everyone.

Support Critical Research

Wildlife conservation involves a high bar for research. Our advanced drone technology can help keep your research moving at a fast pace by helping teams cover more ground in a shorter period of time.

Increased Documentation

An aerial view allows for comprehensive documentation of wildlife conservation operations. With crystal clear reviewable footage, our technology enables new discoveries in animal behavior and habitat change.

Increasing Accessibility

Getting started with the latest drone technology can be a daunting task. We aim to provide access to our technology more readily for wildlife conservationist nonprofits who have clear problems our technology can solve.

Wildlife Counting in Kenya

“Using Skydio’s drone technology, we were able to monitor the movements of wildlife in and out of protected areas. It helped us get data that otherwise would not be obtainable by the rangers”

Skydio Wildlife Counting in Kenya
Skydio 2+ drone

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