Skydio Youth STEM

Youth STEM Education

Inspiring the next generation of pilots, engineers, and problem solvers.

Teaching Responsible Use

For many students, flying a Skydio is their first drone experience. Students learn how to safely operate the drones and what considerations they should have for the people and environment around them during flights.

Creating Hands-on Experiences

Learning by doing creates memorable experiences. Students learn by flying Skydio drones, exploring software features such as KeyFrame and 3D Scan, and engaging with industry professionals.

Inspiring Future Generations

When kids are able to see themselves in roles and have access to focused attention from industry professionals it reinforces endless possibilities. In each interaction, we strive to build confidence and capability with each student.

Increasing Accessibility

Getting started with the latest drone technology can be daunting and financially challenging. We aim to provide access to our technology more readily for educators and nonprofits who are uplifting the next generation.


Student teams built their own drones and competed in various flying challenges for a shot at the national title at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI.

Skydio Youth STEM
Skydio Youth STEM
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