3D Model

Utility Switch

Below is an example 3D model of a power grid switch at a testing facility for a test performed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). It was generated with a Skydio X2™ and Skydio 3D Scan™. The photos are taken at 12 feet from the structure, providing a 1.5 millimeter ground sampling distance, and 468 photos from every angle of the structure. In the selected shots, it is clear that the drone captures every angle of the switch, especially the underside, where manual drones cannot fly safely, because they lose GPS connections. As an inspection report, this model would show a repair crew the locations of even the smallest defects, so that they could efficiently arrive on scene, find, and repair them.


Dataset: EPRI UAS Automation Technologies for Transmission Inspection Imagery Version 1.0

Creator: EPRI, D. Lewis, P. Kulkarni

Source: IEEE Dataport*

License: CC-BY 4.0

This model was captured autonomously by Skydio 3D Scan. 3D Scan is a first-of-its-kind adaptive scanning software built on top of Skydio Autonomy. It allows the drone to automate data capture for generating 3D models with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution, so that crews can perform higher quality scans in less time and with minimal pilot training.

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