3D Model

Mock crime scene

Crime scene reconstructionists face the challenge of documenting scenes quickly and accurately to get high-quality data with minimal disruption. However, photos taken manually often do not tell the full story, and the nature of a crime scene can be difficult for manual drones to navigate. Some things to look for in the model include the shell casings by markers 5 and 6 and a weapon by the black SUV. 3D Scan’s Adaptive Mapping algorithms design a unique pattern for each scene to capture full coverage of any accident, and they can create a comprehensive model for crime and accident scene reconstructionists. This ability to capture a large area in such a short amount of time makes it easy to see the scene holistically, instead of looking at a bunch of photos and trying to figure out where everything is located.

This mock crime scene was captured by Carl Blando of the Boston Police Department using 3D Scan on a Skydio 2. The model was generated using Bentley Contextcapture. You can learn more about how Carl has been using 3D Scan in this article.

This model was captured autonomously by Skydio 3D Scan. 3D Scan is a first-of-its-kind adaptive scanning software built on top of Skydio Autonomy. It allows the drone to automate data capture for generating 3D models with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution, so that crews can perform higher quality scans in less time and with minimal pilot training.

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