November 1, 2022

Drone photography just got easier thanks to Skydio Autonomy

James Ferrandini, Product Manager, Skydio

James Ferrandini

Skydio drone photography

Introducing Panorama and KeyFrame Gimbal Roll

At Skydio, we’re redefining how people use drones thanks to best-in-class autonomy software, allowing Skydio pilots to become even more productive, creative, and safe. Today, Skydio is announcing a series of groundbreaking features and improvements which provide storytellers, from first-time pilots to seasoned professionals, creative tools which could only come from Skydio. These updates will be released via the Skydio App in early January 2023.

Utilizing the onboard navigation cameras, Skydio pilots can now take the guesswork out of composing a shot. Select your preferred capture type from Vertical, Horizontal, or Spherical and your Skydio will show a low-resolution Live Preview of your Panorama framing.

Skydio Panorama Skill Live Preview

Vertical panoramas capture the full 180° view in front of the drone, ultimately creating a 1:3 aspect ratio 30 megapixel photo.

9600 x 3200 (30.72 Megapixels, 1:3 aspect ratio)
Resolution: 9600 x 3200 (30.72 Megapixels, 1:3 aspect ratio)

Horizontal panoramas vertically center at the horizon and capture a 180° wide landscape to generate a 1:4 aspect ratio 36 megapixel image.

12000 x 3000 (36 Megapixels, 1:4 aspect ratio)
12000 x 3000 (36 Megapixels, 1:4 aspect ratio)

Spherical captures take photos in every direction for the ultimate immersive panorama, stitching a shareable image that can be viewed in 360° interactive photo viewers. Spherical panoramas create a ready-to-share, high-resolution, 72 megapixel image.

12000 x 6000 (72 Megapixels)
12000 x 6000 (72 Megapixels)

After capturing Panoramas, land your drone, wait for your Panoramas to stitch together with Skydio’s in-house stitching software, and save the high-resolution results directly to your device.

Head-Turning Updates for KeyFrame

With brand new camera controls that give drone pilots the ability to adjust the gimbal roll angle, this is the biggest Skydio KeyFrame improvement to-date. Save the roll angle at each keyframe for precise, repeatable flight paths, or adjust the gimbal roll during playback for real-time creative control. Create dramatic soaring shots around your subjects, add tension to an otherwise serene landscape, or simulate FPV-style shots, all within the KeyFrame skill.

Skydio 2+ Gimbal Roll

After setting up your KeyFrame flight path, select the new KeyFrame playback style Dynamic Gimbal Roll. Your Skydio will look at your flight path and automatically adjust both the camera roll and gimbal pitch as your drone banks around corners and changes speed. It’s never been easier to capture shots that look like your drone is gliding, now possible with KeyFrame’s repeatable precision and Skydio’s unmatched obstacle avoidance.

KeyFrame Gimbal Roll

Location, Location, Location

Replaying a flight path is central to the KeyFrame experience and made possible by your Skydio drone’s ability to understand the environment. We’ve made improvements under the hood to increase KeyFrame accuracy by continuously re-learning the flight path and comparing real-time environmental data to previous KeyFrame takes.

Skydio drones now continually correct for the slightest drift, re-adjusting every second, across multiple flights. Load your last KeyFrame created in a previous flight and your drone will now accurately snap to the accurate starting location assisted by the previous flight’s data.

Low Battery Auto Return

We’ve added a Low Battery Auto Return toggle to the RTH settings menu. When enabled, Skydio will return home automatically once the battery becomes low.

Skydio Black Friday Sales

The Gift That Continues to Surprise

Skydio 2+ is the only drone that brings you new feature updates and fun new functionality long after your first flight. For those looking for a gift that keeps on giving, we’re offering Skydio 2+ for a starting price $899 while supplies last. With a $200 discount across the entire Skydio 2+ Kit lineup, there has never been a better time to buy a Skydio drone. The Holiday promotion is live now at

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