January 18, 2022

Featured Flyer Spotlight: Tyler Lopez (@pk.mandime)

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Skydio KeyFrame Tyler Lopez

Tyler Lopez AKA @pk.mandine is a Skydio customer turned beta-tester leading up to the launch of our newest software update: Skydio KeyFrame. We chose Tyler as a tester of KeyFrame because of the unique parkour videos he has produced using Skydio 2 and the Cable skill. Tyler continues to deliver incredibly cinematic & unique shots using KeyFrame, inspiring the entire Skydio community to try out this ground-breaking new software skill for all Skydio 2/2+ owners.

Who is @pk.mandine?

My name is Ty Lopez, I'm 29 years old and I live in Chandler, AZ. I am a parkour athlete and certified parkour coach with eleven years experience as an athlete, and three years as a coach. My dream is to one day be able to make a living through traveling and creating content showcasing parkour while inspiring others to pursue their own passions! The thing I am most proud of is sticking with my passion for movement for so long, and now being able to share my knowledge with and inspire the next generation of movement enthusiasts.

Prior to Skydio, I only used a DJI Drone a handful of times. While fun to fly manually, nothing compares to Skydio when it comes towards motion track, ease of use, and the ability to get quality shots while being solo.

KeyFrame Skydio 2 Tyler Lopez

I found out about Skydio through a friend and fellow parkour athlete who owned one. I was immediately blown away by its ability to keep up with him during his runs.

My favorite activity to pair with my Skydio is, of course, parkour. Having a Skydio drone has opened up so many new ways to capture my movement.

Skydio KeyFrame Parkour filming

It's difficult to choose just one of my favorite videos I've shot with my Skydio, but it would have to be a quick clip I got when a nice security guard gave me one chance to film a clip before he had to ask me to leave. I had one chance to get the clip, and I hadn't prepped it at all. I turned on motion track, let it do its thing and it ended up turning out great! No other drone would have allowed for this.

Skydio keyframe parkour

My favorite Skydio skills are the motion track and the new Keyframe feature, both of these tools allow me to capture one of a kind footage. The biggest tip I could give is to get out and practice, be creative, and have fun! There are so many amazing features built into this drone, it's good to familiarize yourself with all of them so you know all the endless ways to capture footage.

Tyler Lopez Parkour KeyFrame

Check out my instagram and my team's website. Currently I mostly post on my instagram, but soon my friend and teammate Lincoln and I will be posting long form content on our Youtube so stay tuned!

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