June 22, 2022

Introducing Skydio Care Enterprise for Skydio X2E

Alex Netto

Alex Netto

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In the beginning of 2022 we released Skydio Care for Skydio 2+, a protection plan that complements the hardware warranty with an extra layer of protection that covers the drone from damage resulting from collisions and water damage, providing greater peace of mind for your professional-grade operations. Skydio Care is available in one and two year plans for drones purchased by individual users, and for enterprise users, Skydio Care Enterprise is available as part of the Skydio 2+ Enterprise Kit with enhanced features, including advanced replacements with a two business day service level agreement (SLA).

Skydio Care Enterprise for Skydio X2E

Skydio Care has been very well received by customers, so enterprise programs kept asking for a similar plan for our enterprise drone. Today, we are happy to announce Skydio Care Enterprise for Skydio X2E. Similar to the existing plan for Skydio 2+, our new service for X2E covers accidental damages from collisions, water damage, and unrecoverable landings.

Skydio Care Coverage

skydio care enterprise table

* You may share coverage across multiple drones in a single order, if the following requirements are met:

  • All drones must be purchased on the same order
  • All drones must have Skydio Care Enterprise
  • All drones must be the same model (e.g. Skydio 2+, Skydio X2E Color/Thermal, or Skydio X2E Color)
Skydio Care Datasheet

Skydio Care Enterprise Coverage

Skydio Care Enterprise for X2E comes in one year or three year coverage options, each with an equivalent number of replacements (if you want to learn more about pricing, entitlements and cost of replacements, read our datasheet). Just as the existing plan for Skydio 2+, the new plan for Skydio X2E offers advanced replacements, which means we will ship your replacement within 2 business days of receiving your claim, no questions asked, so we can get you back in the air as fast as possible. Another important feature for enterprise programs is the ability to share the coverage among multiple drones acquired with the same order, which will make tracking the replacements easier.

As you can see, the combination of Skydio Autonomy’s intelligent flight assistance and the Skydio Care Enterprise protection plan will provide enterprise operators unprecedented levels of confidence to operate where they need.

Visit our support page to learn more about Skydio Care Enterprise

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