March 24, 2022

Skydio Partners with Optelos to Accelerate Asset Inspection

Mauricio Barra

Mauricio Barra

Skyido 3D Scan model drone telecom

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Industrial asset inspections have historically been defined by a lot of manual work that can lead to risk to personnel, as well as time and resources spent due to the complexity of acquiring high quality data and then analyzing it. Traditional drones have proven capable of reducing risk by allowing inspectors to complete their work safely from the ground, but they are still time and resource intensive because of their complexity to operate and their high likelihood of crashing

How Skydio Drones Provide High Quality Inspection Data

Skydio drones, powered by Skydio Autonomy and complemented with Skydio 3D Scan, are uniquely capable of automating the data capture process, thereby minimizing complexity, increasing efficiency, and providing high quality thanks to the robotic precision of our workflow. As an example, Sundt Construction found they could reduce up to 50% of the pilot training time and 90% of actual inspection time.

Visual Data Management with Optelos

For inspection teams to have a complete solution, they need to pair fast and efficient data capture with equally fast and efficient data analysis. That is why we are excited to announce our partnership with Optelos. The combination of Skydio’s autonomous drone technology with Optelos’ visual data management platform will allow companies performing drone asset inspections to more rapidly identify and resolve issues, like being able to take accurate measurements on the this telecommunications tower.

3D Model of cell tower with Optelos drone

As part of the technology partnership, Optelos has integrated its platform with our Skydio Cloud. This means that Skydio users syncing their drone-collected data to our cloud can now also seamlessly import all of it into the Optelos platform for immediate analysis and action on that data.

Optelos platform with skydio drones
Optelos platform drone management

Once inspection teams combine Skydio’s autonomous capture capabilities enabled by Skydio 3D Scan with Optelos’ vision AI and automated dispatch capability, they will be able to automate the data collection, analysis and remediation process end to end, which will provide great value by reducing time and resources spent on the solution.

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