October 16, 2019

Skydio 2 Dock: Enabling Persistent Autonomous Drone Operations

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skydio 2 drone dock

Today we’re announcing the Skydio 2 Dock — a self contained, weatherproof, charging base station for Skydio 2 that enables truly persistent operations for enterprise applications.

The concept of a “drone in a box” has long offered the promise of fully automated data collection for myriad enterprise applications from repeated mapping of construction sites, to security patrols of sensitive areas, to keeping drones on call as first responders for emergency situations. However, nothing has come close to delivering on those promises. Existing solutions are massively complex, expensive, and impractical. And beyond all of this, if you want persistent operations that don’t require a pilot in the loop, you need a drone that’s smart enough to fly itself.

The Skydio 2 Dock brings together the most advanced autonomous drone in the world with a compact, lightweight, and accessible dock solution. It fits in a carry-on suitcase, can be set up in minutes, and uses the proven Skydio Autonomy Engine to intelligently accomplish complex tasks.

skydio drone firetruck dock

Persistent operations offer the possibility of increasing drone program ROI ten-fold. As drones gain the ability to constantly work in the background, entirely new use cases become possible. Of course, persistent operations also open up new regulatory questions. We see promising signs in the latest BVLOS waivers, and we also believe that a smaller, lighter drone, with advanced onboard obstacle avoidance, is an inherently safer starting point for this technology to be deployed. We look forward to partnering with our first customers and regulators to roll this product out responsibly.

If you believe your drone program could benefit from a Skydio 2 Dock, please get in touch with us.

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