Easy data capture in the hardest places.

Obtain limitless visibility and automate inspection of your sites with autonomous, remote drone operations anywhere.

Access high-risk areas safely

Send intelligent, self-flying drones rather than people when there is risk of fall, debris, radiation, or other hazards. Complex indoor or outdoor environments are no obstacle for Skydio.

Standardize repetitive inspections

Capture the same high-quality dataset repeatedly with precise, AI-powered Autonomous Missions to monitor progress and detect changes without the need for a human on site or in the loop.

Be in multiple places at once

Remotely operate your worldwide drone fleet and obtain critical, real-time data from the convenience and comfort of your desk or anywhere else using a secure, trusted solution.

Gain continuous awareness

Continuously patrol any environment with autonomous eyes in the sky, or manually control the drone from anywhere for instant visibility, obtaining the point of view only a drone can capture.

Remotely operated. AI powered.
See Dock in action.

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Trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations.

Skydio Dock is making an impact across industries by performing continuous monitoring, recurring inspection, scheduled patrol, and enabling on-demand visibility without the need for a person on site.

Organizations save time and money, and more importantly, increase safety across their sites.

drone flying around utility equipment


Southern Company

inside building under construction


Obayashi Corporation

land slide over road



It’s only possible with Skydio Autonomy.

A successful dock program relies on drones that are trusted to sense their environment and fly themselves. Skydio is the only truly intelligent drone built with an autonomy architecture and an integrated hardware-software approach.

With the groundbreaking Skydio Visual Positioning System (VPS), Skydio maps its environment in real time and remembers it for future missions.


Skydio Dock and Remote Ops:
Built for each other

Designed together from the ground up, Skydio Dock hardware and Remote Ops software are fully integrated and provide a complete end-to-end solution. Skydio Dock works seamlessly with Skydio drones which connect effortlessly to Skydio Cloud. Together, they allow you to do everything from scheduling to live-streaming and storing media through a single, trusted resource.

Scheduling Missions

No piloting necessary.

Autonomous Missions enable your docked drone to perform standardized inspections and other complex operations without the need for a pilot. Skydio Visual Positioning System (VPS) enables highly precise flights, ensuring the same high-quality data capture time after time. Monitor progress and notice anomalies as they happen without even being there.

Easy mission planning.

The intuitive interface of Mission Planner makes it easy to create, edit, schedule, and execute even the most complex operations from a browser. Plan Autonomous Missions from an overhead view, or by manual flight controls, making quick work of even the most complex tasks. Mission Alerts ensure you and your team are in the loop.

Create a Mission
Fly Now

Fly instantly from anywhere.

Skydio Remote Flight Deck allows you to take manual control of the drone for on-demand visibility. Launch the drone from Dock or commandeer an active Autonomous Mission. When you’re done getting a closer look, your drone will safely fly back to Dock autonomously with the click of a button.

Dock where others can’t.

Skydio Dock is the smallest and lightest system of its kind with a footprint of just 4 square feet and weighing only 62 pounds. Dock installs easily and works with your existing infrastructure, giving you the freedom to deploy Skydio in tight, complex spaces no other drone would dare to venture.

Skydio Dock takes up  4 Sq ft of space compared to our competitors at 16 sq ft and 30 sq ft
Skydio Dock takes up 4 Sq ft of space compared to our competitors at 16 sq ft and 30 sq ft

Fly complex indoor environments

Cutting-edge vision-based navigation and unmatched obstacle avoidance.

Fly harsh outdoor conditions

Rugged, weatherized protection and temperature regulation for extreme environments.

Operate in secure locations

Made and supported in the U.S. Secure wireless encryption. SOC II Type 2 certification.

dock standing alone
Drone sideways

Lightweight. And heavy-duty.

Strong Frame

Skydio Dock may not weigh much, but it’s far from a lightweight. The front is made of super-strong polycarbonate and the main enclosure is industrial-grade aluminum.


Skydio Dock provides IP56 grade protection against the elements for continuous operations no matter the location or conditions.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation keeps the battery and drone in optimal temperature ranges. Plus, a heated roof and door fixture to combat winter icing and snow.

Dock lite for warehouse environments
dock lite with boxes on shelves behind

Skydio Dock Lite

Small but mighty. Dock Lite is just as intelligent, and fits perfectly in secure, climate-controlled environments like warehouses and retail locations.

Install Where You Need It

Skydio Dock Lite is the smallest and lightest drone docking solution available. Place it in tight spaces with virtually no installation, or mount it.

Operate In GPS-denied Environments

Dock Lite uses Remote Ops with fully autonomous capabilities. Operate in GPS-denied environments due to intelligent, vision-based navigation.

Built for Rapid Scale

Deploy the smallest, most cost-effective autonomous aerial data capture technology in minutes. Designed to operate indoors without the need for costly experts on site.



Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2020, Oracle was the third-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization. Skydio is an Oracle PartnerNetwork Member.

"Our customers came to us asking for a solution to help their inventory management. [With Skydio Dock Lite], we go to a browser, schedule a flight, define a path, and based on that scheduled time and path - Skydio autonomously performs the mission. When I say autonomously, from takeoff to flight, to return, and landing."

Burcin Kaplanoglu, Vice President of Innovation

Skydio Partner Case Study Oracle

Skydio Cloud for connected operations.

Skydio Streaming

Streaming allows stakeholders at various locations to view Autonomous Missions or Remote Flight Deck flights live.

Skydio Media Sync

Media Sync automatically pulls photos, videos, and mission data to Skydio Cloud when your drone is charging in the Dock.

Skydio Fleet Manager

Manage drones, docks, users, and missions while obtaining data and analytics about flight ops.

Skydio Streaming
Skydio Media Sync
Skydio Fleet Manager


Unlock the full potential of remote drone operations.

Skydio Regulatory Services simplify the waiver approval process to accelerate your drone program and unleash even more value.

Integrate drone operations into your systems with our easy-to-use API

Manage drone missions, view live streams, trigger actions, and more — all from the systems and tools you use now. Just make the connection through our API endpoints. You get all the flexibility and control that you need.

Create and
schedule missions


Trigger actions


Set and
get alerts


mission data


Live stream
mission video


Access flight


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Ready to take your drone
operations to new heights?

*Skydio Dock for S2 (indoor use) weighs 62 pounds. Skydio Dock for X2 with temperature regulation (outdoor use) weighs 73 pounds. Dock stand weighs 31 pounds.

Always follow local rules, regulations, and FAA guidelines. Unless you have obtained waiver clearance from the FAA, fly your drone in line of sight at all times.

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