March 29, 2022

Skydio 2/2+ Spring Software Release Notes

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Skydio 2 Software Update

Our software engineers have been working hard to bring new enhancements and bug fixes to your Skydio drone. Check out the release notes below to learn everything that's new with Skydio 2/2+ in the most recent software update.

NOTE: This software update will be released gradually over the course of 1 week. If you do not see the update in the App Store or Google Play by April 5, 2022, please contact Skydio Support by emailing


Connection Status

You can now view the strength of the connection between your controlling device and drone, as well as the GPS quality and the number of satellites your drone is connected to. Select the Connection Status icon to display connected drone status, signal strength, GPS quality, and satellite count.

Skydio Connection Status

Beacon Menu

When Beacon is connected, you will see a new tab under Device Settings which displays the battery percentage and current software version. You will not see this menu when Beacon is disconnected.

NOTE: Android users will only see the Beacon software version.

Updated Beacon Menu Skydio 2


KeyFrame Improvements

When playing back a KeyFrame sequence, you can now choose to have Skydio prioritize Accuracy or Speed.

  • Accuracy: Skydio may dynamically slow down around sharp turns. Helps to avoid cutting corners to maintain your drone’s position along the spline
  • Speed: Your drone may fly off the KeyFrame path to maintain a steady speed

With this update, the maximum KeyFrame speed on Skydio 2/2+ has increased to 15.6 mph (7 m/s).

Skydio KeyFrame Dynamic Braking

Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS)

By default, your Skydio 2/2+ will now monitor signal interference and move to a clearer channel to improve wireless transmission signal quality during flight. You may override this by selecting your preferred channel.

Flight Termination Skydio 2

Emergency Flight Termination

When flying with a controller, you will now have the option to terminate your flight* in the event of an extreme emergency. Simultaneously press and hold the Land and Return buttons on the controller for three seconds while in flight to immediately stop your drone's motors.

WARNING: Terminating a flight will cause your drone to crash. This will void your warranty and may result in injury or damage. Use only in extreme situations.

*Only available when flying with the Skydio Controller.


General Bug Fixes

Full release notes are available here.

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