March 25, 2021

Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Christian Little

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Christian Little launching Skydio 2

In this week's Skydio Featured Flyer blog post, we're getting to know Christian Little. Christian is a mountain biking adventure athlete who has realized her calling and is working to inspire men and women everywhere to pursue their passions. We're incredibly excited to have been a part of Christian's journey filming her upcoming documentary series and to continue to support her in her endeavors. In this blog, we're going to dive into Christian's latest passion project and share some more details about what makes her story so special.

Hi Christian! Tell us a little bit about who you are and some of your proudest accomplishments.

Kia Ora from New Zealand! My name is Christian Little, as an adventure athlete who has mountain bike raced and adventured around the world, it wasn't until I faced death when I tomahawked off a mountain while biking in New Zealand sustaining a broken back and spinal cord injury that I felt called to film, produce, and direct, "A Ride With Purpose Documentary Series" In the midst of the pandemic, we could all benefit from a documentary series that inspires us to live life to the fullest. I enjoy being present, in childish wonder and joy along this adventurous journey, while loving and supporting others in whatever I am doing, whether filming or on the trails. Adventure awaits and you're on your way!

Tell us about your "A Ride With Purpose" Docu-Series and what inspired it?

Time to dig deeper and offer a mountain bike series that touches on the hardship and growth in life. To truly encourage and inspire others to let the light shine brightly within and live their life to the fullest! When I was tomahawking off the mountain I was at peace with dying. In that moment I felt God’s power in all things and all around me stop me to lay me down gently on the side of the mountain. I knew at that moment I was alive for a reason. Part of that reason is to share my journey to encourage others along their own journey in life. This documentary will also take viewers to NZ where it all began, as I share this beautiful country and the two wheel adventures that await.

Christian Little and Skydio 2

As an athlete, do you have much experience using drones?

My first experience flying was learning as I started filming for the documentary series in New Zealand. I reached out to Skydio about the documentary as I felt Skydio had the best autonomous following ability to capture some of the beautiful remote places I would ride and hope to share with others throughout New Zealand.

My background is as a mountain bike adventure athlete. I have worked on projects as an athlete but for the documentary, I was both producing, directing, learning to fly and riding. I realized that I would not always have a crew with me everywhere I filmed throughout New Zealand, so that's where Skydio helped out in supporting me with a Skydio 2 drone to capture the footage across the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.

Why did you decide to partner with Skydio?

I reached out to Skydio to partner because I was in search of a drone that had the best follow ability when I was both operating the drone and mountain biking at the same time. Skydio made it possible to capture content when I did not have a drone operator with me while riding remote places throughout New Zealand. Content such as this, would not be possible without Skydio 2's ability to follow me while riding.

Christian Little Mountain Biking

What is your favorite activity to pair with your Skydio 2?

Mountain Biking

What is your favorite video that you've shot with your Skydio 2, what do you love about it?

The footage we shot for the documentary series in New Zealand. The ability to capture content in remote places without a crew to help encourage and inspire others along their journey.

What is your favorite Skydio Skill, Tip, or Trick to help other users get great content?

I like that the Skydio 2 has the ability to simply pair with my phone for flying and tracking my movement. This is how I use it the most when in remote places without a crew.

Christian Little Mountain Biking with Skydio 2

Anything else you would like to share?

There are not many women in the industry, so of course if you read this thinking, "Wow I would love to do that." then I encourage you to. I want to encourage you whether you are a woman or a man to follow your dreams and make them a reality.

I started this journey as a mountain bike adventure athlete with a story and locations I felt called to share with others, to encourage and inspire them along their journey. I had no experience in cinematography, production, directing, or editing before starting this process. It started with a call to encourage and inspire others through a documentary series, so I reached out to others in the field to learn from them along the way. I simply started with getting the drone out and learning to fly it, then learning more about all the features to capture the adventures so that I could share them with you.

Christian Little

Thanks for sharing your story with us Christian! We're excited about your upcoming docu-series and we're glad that we've been able to help you share your story and capture your adventures with Skydio 2.

Follow along with Christian's "A Ride With Purpose Documentary Series" by subscribing to the Leap 2 Fly YouTube channel to be notified when the first 2 episodes release in April. You can also follow the series on Instagram as well as Christian's athlete page

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