skydio captures outdoor boating adventure in the azors
skydio captures outdoor boating adventure in the azors


Capture mind-bending video

…as you live in the moment

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Get cinematic shots with you as the star and the director

Take to the road, trail, slopes, or wherever the action is and get in your zone. Skydio will follow, shooting breathtaking footage for you, while you focus on your adventure. You’ll stay right in frame as Skydio tracks you, deftly avoiding obstacles with 360° visual navigation.

You can effortlessly engage a full range of automated skills to get cinematic shots from any angle. It’s like having a professional film crew wherever you go.

film icon with text 'more than 6 million minutes of action captured with Skydio'

“Skydio does exactly what they say. 100% effortless flying. Launch it, forget it, and let it get incredible footage. The solitary rider's perfect companion.”

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See why so many outdoor enthusiasts choose Skydio.

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No traditional drone performs like Skydio

Plan your shots 
and take flight effortlessly

Get dramatic aerial views of yourself in motion without distraction from the heart-thumping action. Skydio is amazingly easy to learn and launch. Then, it flies itself to capture your video, maneuvering around obstacles to avoid crashing.You have unlimited options of skills to film yourself from any angle–boomerang, vortex, orbit, hover, even backwards for the ultimate selfie.

acrobat on wire over canyon

Set custom flight paths with precision to fulfill your vision

Design camera motion that smoothly and precisely captures all the shots you’ve imagined with a single push of the play button. Use our unique Keyframe skill to create custom flight paths with a few taps. Hit play. If you need another take, just hit play again. Skydio will fly the exact same path over and over, for as many takes as you need.

Skydio remote control with phone showing live stream

Change it up while you’re in action using a tiny remote you control with one hand

Keep your Beacon handy and update your shot list on the fly without opening your phone. Shoot closer, further away, or switch skills, with easy one-handed motion. Your Beacon’s built-in GPS means Skydio will follow you around every turn.

Skydio Beacon held by person on motorcycle
skydio drone on drone case

Fly like never before.
Create like no one else.

Get everything you need to shoot like a pro


Skydio 2+ Drone

Ready for action, available in various bundles

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Precision control with range up to 3.7 miles

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Skydio 2+ Beacon

One handed control, GPS tracking, range up to 1.8 miles

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Skydio App

Access to dozens of cutting edge cinematic skills, including KeyFrame.

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Skydio Care

Choice of terms, low cost replacements

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* Always follow local rules, regulations, and FAA guidelines, and fly your drone in line of sight at all times.