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How Skydio Drones are Used in Law Enforcement

Rapid Field Deployment

Take advantage of Skydio’s rapid deployment to gain immediate situational awareness for the initial responders on scene.

Police Multi Drone launch

Search and Rescue

Skydio drones are durable, portable, and easily deployable in rugged environments thanks to hand launch and recovery.

search and rescue drone

Tactical Deployment

Support your SRT team with drone solutions that can operate in obstacle rich environments to see in places invisible from above.

SWAT drone

Crime and Crash Scene Documentation

Reduce your time to capture and increase the accuracy of your scene reconstruction using Skydio 3D Scan.

drone Crash Scene Reconstruction
eBook crime and crash scene drone cover

Inspection eBook Vol 7 - Evidence Collection

Learn the benefits of using autonomous navigation and capture drones for crime and accident scene documentation.

Current Response Methods Leave Room For Improvement

Traditional Methods for Situational Awareness

Boots on the ground methods of situational awareness can only provide so much information about the scene.

Police standing

Manual Drone Fallbacks

While Manual drones have demonstrated immense value for Law Enforcement thus far, excessive pilot training times and lack of advanced built-in safety procedures leave room for improvement.

manual drone

Skydio Drones Improve Law Enforcement Response Procedures

skydo x2 flying into hallway

Safer to Operate

Fly with confidence in obstacle rich environments thanks to Skydio Autonomy Enterprise.

  • Computer vision navigation allows you to seamlessly maneuver between aerial and low-to-the ground vantage points in GPS denied environments. Skydio drones do not rely on GPS or a magnetometer for flight.
  • 360° collision avoidance helps operators fly in areas invisible from above without risk of crashing.
Police Sheriff Multi drone launch

Easier to Train and Scale

Enable individual first responders to immediately gather situational awareness, lock down perimeters, identify suspects, and locate missing persons.

  • Reduce the training burden of getting new pilots up and flying confidently thanks to Skydio Autonomy. Reduced effort to get up and running means it's easier to identify/recruit operators to your UAS team.
  • Ease of use. Skydio drones allow anyone to fly like an expert pilot. Enable your pilots to focus on what's happening in the field, not making sure the drone doesn’t crash.
Drone Crash reconstruction documentation

Higher Quality Data

Intelligent AI-powered autonomy allows crime and traffic scene teams to capture data at their precise specifications.

  • Adaptive capture using Skydio 3D Scan helps documentors capture comprehensive data with resolution as low as 0.65 mm/pixel.
  • Dual capture available with Skydio X2 allows teams to capture images and videos with both color and thermal cameras.
Skydio Autonomy Enterprise + Cloud

Situational Awareness Upgraded

Fly in Front of the Pack with Skydio Scout

Fly at a set distance and height from either the Skydio Enterprise Controller or the Skydio Beacon while on the move — all without having to manually operate the drone.

Skydio Scout

Share the Feed with Skydio Streaming

Provide improved communication and context with team members in chaotic or emergency situations in real-time.

Skydio Streaming

Take the Hassle and Headaches Out of Running a Drone Program

Protect it with

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Skydio Law Enforcement Drone Products

Learn about Skydio Solutions for Law Enforcement

Skydio X2 Color/Thermal

Rugged, long-range drone built for public safety

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Skydio x2 thermal drone

Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

Our popular specialized autonomous drone

Learn More
Skydio 2+ drone

Skydio 3D Scan

Autonomous data capture software for S2+ and X2

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3d scan car crash

Skydio Cloud

Connected flight operations for your Skydio fleet

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skydio cloud

Skydio Drones are Fully Integrated with the Axon Ecosystem

Axon and Skydio drone partnership

Skydio drones with Axon Air, Axon Evidence, and Axon Respond bring a paradigm shift in how agencies leverage drones for situational awareness and evidence management.

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Skydio Drones in Action for Public Safety

Watch “The Hostage” to see how Skydio drones can be used to de-escalate hostile scenes with the help of Skydio Autonomy, allowing the pilot to smoothly navigate obstacle-rich environments and adjust their vantage point to keep eyes on the scene.

Watch the complete Skydio Public Safety Video Series: Autonomous Drones for First Responders to learn more about all the public safety drone use cases.

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Fully Capture Incident Scenes with Skydio 3D Scan

This model was captured autonomously by Skydio 2 with 3D Scan to document a mock accident scene, which was then processed in Bentley to generate the 3D model. The model required 422 photos at a 2.2 mm GSD and was captured in 17.5 minutes flight time.

Law Enforcement Customer Quotes

Boston Police Department

If a suspect runs through a backyard, trying to fly a drone in between buildings, over fences, the Skydio unit definitely helped us out with that.”

Carl Blando

Crime Scene Response Unit

Oklahoma City PD

In November, we added 16 Skydio X2E drones to be used exclusively by our patrol officers. Most of the operators were new pilots... It has been an overwhelming success."

Jason Bussert

Captain, UAS Commander

Unlocking BVLOS Operations with Autonomy

Tactical BVLOS operations approval enables first responders to fly beyond visual range, cover much greater distances, collect more data with fewer deployments, and can keep operators out of dangerous situations.

BVLOS Waiver Skydio drone

“Close Proximity, Low Altitude flights will enable our drone teams to respond more quickly and efficiently to emergencies—enhancing the safety of the public and our officers. The Skydio Autonomy system enables officers to fly a drone safely and reliably in emergency situations without fear of crashing.”

Lieutenant Don Redmond

CVPD UAS Commander

Commitment to Responsible Use for the Public Safety Community

Skydio partnered with DRONERESPONDERS to help develop principles to advance the responsible and effective deployment of first responder drone programs.

Drone Responders logo

The 5 C's: Principles for the Responsible Use of Drones
by Public Safety Agencies

Community Engagement and Transparency

Five C's

Civil Liberties and Privacy Protection

Five C's

Common Operating Procedures

Five C's

Clear Oversight and Accountability

Five C's


Five C's


Public Safety Updates

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Product Datasheets

Skydio 2+ Enterprise

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Skydio X2E Color/Thermal

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Skydio 3D Scan

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Axon Solutions

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An NYPD Veteran’s Perspective on Why Autonomy Matters for First Responders

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Skydio X2 and 2 Drones

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