Launch with ease.

Launching Skydio® R1 is as easy as opening an app. Simply swipe up in the app and R1 is ready for action.

Go hands-free.

R1’s full autonomy allows you to quickly direct your shots from your phone or Apple Watch. Easily choose who to follow or select a different Skill with just a tap to your wrist.

Stunning cinematic capture.

Create amazing videos with a single tap. Try out cinematic Skills like Lead, Orbit, Dronie, or Boomerang. Skydio’s library of cinematic Skills is continually growing, opening up new opportunities for spontaneous creation.

Cinematic Skills


Want to get your reaction to the action on film? Choose the lead mode.

Capture amazing cinematic moments perfect for sharing with One-Shots and Cable Cam.


Intuitive controls.


Share on the fly.

After you land, create stabilized HD video clips of your flight with the Skydio app, perfect for instantly sharing your story. Download the full-res UHD 4K files to your computer via USB for further editing.


See Skydio R1 in action.

Check out what autonomy looks like in the real world.

Skydio R1

The most advanced autonomous device in the sky.

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