Launch with ease.

Launching Skydio® R1 is as easy as opening an app. Simply swipe up in the Skydio app and R1 is ready to follow you. And since R1 can launch from your hand, you can do it all without finding a flat, empty space for takeoff.

Go hands-free.

Once in the air, R1 immediately begins documenting your ride like a pro. Instead of following your phone or a beacon, R1 uses computer vision to understand what you’re doing, what obstacles to avoid, and what will happen next, letting you focus on your adventure.

Stunning cinematic capture.

Skydio R1 is engineered to capture amazing footage with an ever-growing library of unique cinematic modes.

Change your mode


Want to get your reaction to the action on film? Choose the lead mode.

Intuitive controls.


Land and share in seconds.

As soon as Skydio R1 lands, you can create a shareable clip of your adventure with synchronized audio recorded from your phone.


See Skydio R1 in action.

Check out what autonomy looks like in the real world.

Skydio R1

The most advanced autonomous device in the sky.

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