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How Skydio Drones are Used in Wireless Network Infrastructure

Cell Tower Inspection

Fly up close to inspect critical network carrier components and scan structures safely with 360° obstacle avoidance.

Close up inspection of a cell tower taken from a Skydio drone

Infrastructure Management

Perform frequent documentation and produce high resolution models of telecommunications infrastructure with 3D Scan's Tower Capture.

3D scan cell tower inspection path on a smartphone
Cover of Skydio Inspection eBook Vol. 5

Inspection eBook Vol 5 - Telecom Management

Learn the benefits of using autonomous navigation and capture drones, for telecommunications infrastructure inspection and documentation.

Current Telecommunications Infrastructure Inspection is Inefficient and Dangerous

Dangerous Human Inspections

Tower climbs, bucket trucks, and other human-based inspection methods can be dangerous to workers, as well as resource intensive.

Two climbers climbing on top of a cell tower

Manual Drone Inspections

Manual drones are expensive, have untrustworthy obstacle avoidance, and fail in GPS denied environments requiring many hours of pilot training to avoid crashes and ensure quality datasets.

Manual drone near a cell tower in front of a pink sunset

Skydio Drones Improve Telecommunication Infrastructure Inspection

Close up aerial view of cell tower

Streamline the Data Capture Process

Inspect More in Less Time

Enable individual inspectors to identify the problem from the ground before climbing the tower to fix broken components.

  • AI-assisted navigation from Skydio Autonomy Enterprise reduces the training burden and makes operations efficient, even in obstacle-dense environments.
  • Autonomous capture using Skydio 3D Scan's Tower Capture enables teams to automate the documentation of towers to get inventory of the networking equipment.
3D Scan of cell tower

Collect Quality Datasets

Capture High Quality Tower Data

Intelligent AI-powered autonomy allows inspectors to capture data at their precise specifications.

  • Close proximity obstacle avoidance allows the drone to fly safely and closely around wireless and broadcast environments and tower structures to get to the inspection target.
  • Adaptive capture using Skydio 3D Scan helps inspectors capture comprehensive data with resolution as low as 0.65 mm/pixel.
  • Dual capture available with Skydio X2 allows teams to capture images with both color and thermal cameras.
Skydio drone navigating between cell tower and power lines

Operate with Utmost Safety

Fly with confidence in the most difficult tower environments thanks to Skydio Autonomy Enterprise.

  • Computer vision navigation allows you to fly near metal structures and under structures. Skydio drones don’t rely on GPS connectivity  or magnetometers for steady flight.
  • 360° collision avoidance helps operators inspect cellular network infrastructure surrounded by metal and vegetation.

Fully Document Tower Structures with 3D Tower Capture

3D Tower Capture is the latest autonomous capture mode of Skydio 3D Scan optimized for telecommunications and other vertical structures.

Skydio Telecommunication Infrastructure Drone Products

Learn about Skydio Solutions for Telecommunication Infrastructure Inspection

Skydio X2 Color/Thermal

Rugged, long-range drone built for inspection work

Learn More
Skydio X2 above a cell tower

Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

Our popular specialized autonomous drone

Learn More
Skydio 2+ above cell tower

Skydio 3D Scan

Autonomous data capture software for S2+ and X2

Learn More
3D scans of telecommunications towel on Skydio controller

Skydio Cloud

Connected flight operations for your Skydio fleet

Learn More
Skydio Cloud software on desktop computer

3D Tower Model for Documentation

This model was captured autonomously by Skydio 2 with 3D Scan to document this 100 foot tall telecom tower, which was then processed in Bentley to generate the 3D model. The model required 626 photos at a 1.5 mm GSD and was captured in 29 minute flight time.



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