September 15, 2022

Ford Ambassador Captures Hands-Free Drone Cinematography with Skydio 2+

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Chase Gentry Selfie with Bronco

My name is Chase Gentry I am a business owner, adventurer, overlander, husband, dog dad, offroad enthusiast, Ford Bronco Ambassador, and adrenaline thrill seeker! I’m proud of every aspect of my life and my accomplishments leading me up to this point however I’m most proud of my ability to stay real and organic. Life is a constantly evolving system and I’m learning more every day from others more knowledgeable than I am.

I found Skydio because I was tagged on Instagram by a fan of my stuff because the drone cinematography looked like FPV. They asked if I was flying Skydio and suggested I try it since I'm usually behind a steering wheel when capturing

Ford Bronco Drfiting

Due to the nature of my workflow and content obligations, drone video is vital to telling parts of my story. I flew with DJI for years. While DJI drones aren't bad products, I'm usually alone while filming, so manually piloting can be dangerous and unsafe. It required several retakes and meticulous precision to get a shot. This takes much more time than flying a Skydio drone autonomously, which has been an absolute game-changer for my content creation.

all I could think during my first flight was, "NO FREAKING WAY IS THIS ACTUALLY DO THAT!”

Chase Gentry

Ford Bronco Ambassador

During my first Skydio flight, all I could think was, "NO FREAKING WAY IS THIS ACTUALLY DO THAT!” Just like that, my mind was blown by the results.

Ford Bronco vantage point

As a Ford Ambassador and avid offroad junkie, I love capturing landscape drone cinematography, as well as the vehicle that got me there. I recently took a solo trip to Swing Arm City in southwestern Utah and that place is out of this world. I filmed some drone clips there and created some Top Gun themed Instagram Reels. Skydio is seriously next-level tech for drone videography and content creators like me.

I really dig using the Motion Track Skill while I’m running mountain passes. It allows me to capture forward motion while the Skydio flies backward and super low levels so landscapes are in frame and the horizon stays level.

Brondo hill climb

I suggest dedicating some time to practicing and learning to trust the drone to do what it does best is important. Get in an open field on a bicycle or Onewheel and cycle through all the different flight modes so you can get confident using Skydio and understand how it operates. Also, when landing, I suggest activating the landing sequence at 15 to 20 above the landing surface and or Skydio case so you have time to nudge/cancel if needed.

Red Ford Bronco

If you're a creator looking to take your content to new levels or boost volume this is it! I share most of my work on Instagram and YouTube, follow me there to see more of my Skydio adventures!

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