September 15, 2022

Skydio and Axon Air: United at Last

Cole Martin Marketing Skydio

Cole Martin

Skydio Axon Integrations

Today, we are excited to announce that Skydio drones are fully integrated with Axon Air™, Axon Evidence™, and Axon Respond™. In addition to the launch of Axon Air, Skydio customers can integrate directly into the DroneSense platform. By pairing Skydio with the Axon ecosystem, program managers can benefit from autonomy while securely storing and tracking program information, live streaming drone video, and managing drone-collected evidence, all in the same system as their in-car and body-worn camera data.

Axon Air keeps data organized and eases the burden of managing a drone program, allowing leaders and pilots to spend more time focusing on their primary objective: improving the safety of public safety personnel and the communities they serve.

Simplified Program Management with Axon Air

Effectively keeping track of flight logs, drone hardware, and pilot data is a unique challenge that drone teams need to solve. Axon Air allows agencies to easily manage everything in a powerful, intuitive interface, ensuring accountability and transparency across their organization.

Sync Drone Flight Logs Automatically

Documenting detailed information from each drone mission is a cumbersome task for pilots. With Axon Air, every time a drone flies, location, flight duration, flight path, and more is recorded and uploaded to the server. The system seamlessly captures comprehensive flight logs and makes it easy to view and share with other members of the organization.

Skydio Axon Air Flights and Missions

Hardware Management

From knowing when it’s time to replace a battery to finding out where the drone was last used, tracking the small but necessary hardware details is a challenge - but it’s vital to ensuring the fleet remains safe to operate. Axon Air’s management system stores each asset, tracks its usage, and automatically applies the hours it was used after every flight. An automated system to keep track of these hardware components helps provide insight into which equipment needs to be updated or replaced.

Skydio Axon Air Hardware

Pilot Activity Tracking

As a drone program scales, it becomes more challenging to keep track of which pilot flew which mission. In an era of Freedom of Information Act requests, maintaining accountability for the program’s activities is vital. Axon Air provides an aggregated view of each pilot to monitor and track activities efficiently. Filter flight data by when, where, and which aircraft, and keep track of the total flight hours or missions completed.

Secure Actionable Aerial Intelligence

With Skydio’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Axon’s network of interconnected devices, public safety drone programs can now utilize autonomy while having live streaming capabilities, program management, and evidence management all through Axon, the leading ecosystem many agencies are already using.

Are you fully operational with the Axon ecosystem and looking for a drone solution to integrate into your existing workflows? Get in contact with your Skydio sales representative to learn more about how Axon Air can take your program to the next level, or click the "contact" button below to have a representative reach out to you.

If you're looking to integrate Skydio Cloud with your current Axon Air account, visit this link for more information.

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