May 17, 2022

Featured Flyer Spotlight: Dmitry Danilovitch

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Skydio Featured Flyer - Dmitry Danilovitch

Tell us about yourself

My name is Dmitry Danilovitch and I am fairly new to the whole drone experience. I am big into the outdoors, snow-biking and dirt-biking. In particular, I wanted something to capture my life’s moments, as no one else ever takes pictures or video of me when I go riding with my buddies. Skydio was the perfect match. My proudest accomplishment is starting a goggle company during the pandemic shutdowns in 2020, being able to grow it, enjoy the outdoors, while enjoying more time with my family.

Drone experience

Skydio 2 is my very first drone. I've eyed other brands, but nothing comes close to Skydio autonomous flight, which is what really impresses me every time.

Skydio filming dirt bike

How did you find Skydio?

I can't recall the first thing I saw but it was something during the presale when Skydio first came on the market. I watched the autonomous follow and obstacle avoidance demo video and I was like, “Yes! This is what I've been waiting for.”

Skydio filming in trees

Favorite activity to film

I like filming snow-biking and dirt-biking with my Skydio drone.

drone filming overlanding autonomously

Favorite Skydio video

My favorite video was from this winter deep in the Idaho Sawtooth mountains, it was a perfect sunny day, fresh pow and a couple good friends on snow-bikes with no one around us for miles, just endless pow lines.

Skydio filming snow biking

Skydio Experience

My first flight was dirt-biking in the woods. It was definitely a learning curve as far as getting the tracking right, height, distance, angle, thickness of trees it was able to navigate safely. Mostly it was me thinking, “Is this thing actually going to follow me?!” I still find myself looking up or stopping occasionally to see if it is still close by, sure thing, every time.

Skydio filming in trees

Best Skydio Tips

Depending what you are doing, play with the angles and distance, at least for the sports stuff. Sometimes you think you have a good shot but when you download the video you wish you'd have it follow a little further out or could get more of a background scenery etc, so changing it up often helps make sure you get the right angle and shot you’re expecting. Experimenting will help you understand where to place the drone on future flights.

drone filming overlanding

Favorite Skydio Skill

I primarily use Motion Track when riding on both dirt and snow. Since Skydio changes position based on the direction you’re heading while in Motion Track, everytime I turn the drone changes position, which is perfect so it’s not always the same angle. Try all the different settings, you never know what you might need for the shot. Come check out my Skydio videos on Instagram.

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