July 1, 2021

Read Skydio’s Enterprise Drone Inspection eBook

Guillaume Delepine

Guillaume Delepine

Skydio 3D Scan Crane Mast Drone Inspection eBook

Skydio drones are all about working smarter, not harder, through AI-powered autonomous flight. With the announcement of Skydio 3D Scan, we introduced a new way to think about enterprise drone flights. Now, instead of having to fly manual drones far away from the objects pilots are documenting or inspecting, Skydio operators will let AI adapt the drone’s flight pattern to any scene, and any given resolution requirement. With such a new way to fly the drone, comes an entirely new way to choose which drone to fly. Our new Enterprise Drone Inspection EBook, which we will release over the course of nine volumes over the coming months, is designed to help program managers navigate this expansive new set of options.

In the manual drone ecosystem that dominated the 2010s, all drones flew the same 2D lawnmower patterns, or required manual flight, so manufacturers engaged in an arms race to see who could put the biggest camera on their drone. The result was that drones became more and more expensive, but the quality of drone data did not advance at a commensurate rate. Plus, in the race to add vanity specifications to their camera systems, many vendors did not invest in the tuning software that truly defines a standout camera.

The enterprise drone operator of the 2020’s has better options available than ever before, that will help get jobs done faster, better, and safer than ever before. To tap into the power of these offerings, program managers will need to rethink how they evaluate and purchase enterprise drones. In this eBook, we will share objective real-world benchmarking by Skydio’s image quality team and laboratory-based comparisons by Nomicam. The volumes of the eBook will put these objective data points into context to highlight the differences between today’s offerings. We will also be sharing examples from some of the industries that have been the greatest hotbeds of drone innovation: Construction, Transportation, Utilities, Telecom, Insurance, and First Responders.

We sincerely hope that these materials will make your upcoming drone decisions easier as you build and scale your fleets. Choose confidently and safe flying!

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