February 28, 2022

Introducing the #SkydioKeyFrame Challenge

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Skydio KeyFrame Challenge

KeyFrame introduces an entirely new way for storytellers, athletes, and content creators alike to capture aerial shots that were previously impossible. It allows users to precisely plan their shot by placing keyframe points, then allowing Skydio fly the path with expert-level precision to nail the shot. We believe that autonomous software skills like KeyFrame will continue to be the key to unlocking the full potential of drones for creatives and filmmakers, no matter their piloting skill level.

Introducing the #SkydioKeyFrame Challenge

The #SkydioKeyFrame Challenge is your opportunity to show the world how creative you can get, while competing for your share of a $10k cash prize, a brand new Skydio 2+ and endless bragging rights. Post your best KeyFrame videos with #SkydioKeyFrame by 11:59pm PDT on APRIL 25, 2022 and our rockstar panel of judges will select the finalists.

Skydio Ambassador Judges

Then, it’s all up to you, the Skydio Community, to select the top 3 videos to win their prize! The community vote will begin on May 2nd with the final winners/placing announced the following week.

The full terms and conditions of the challenge can be found here.

How to Enter

  • Follow @SkydioHQ from a public Instagram account
  • Update Skydio App and get creative with KeyFrame
  • Share + Tag #SkydioKeyFrame on Instagram
  • Post by March 30th to be eligible

What You Win

  • 1st Place: Skydio 2+ Starter Ki & $6,000 Cash
  • 2nd Place: Skydio 2+ Starter Kit & $3,000 Cash
  • 3rd Place: Skydio 2+ Starter Kit & $1,000 Cash

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity (originality, subject, location)
  • Camera Motion (obstacle navigation, complexity, length)
  • Image Quality / Presentation (lighting, settings, aspect ratio/export settings)

Community Discord

We’re always looking for new ways to help foster community and education at Skydio, which is why we’ve launched the Skydio Community Discord! This is a great place to start if you’ve never used KeyFrame and want some inspiration, have questions, or just want to hang with your fellow Skydians. You may even see our ambassador judges popping in to offer some #SkydioKeyFrame wisdom, so you won’t want to miss it.
Join the Skydio Community Discord!

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How to vote for your favorite #SkydioKeyFrame? Finalists will be announced on 5/2, at which time a carousel post featuring the top finalists will be shared on Skydio’s Instagram. The community will then vote by tagging the creator of their favorite KeyFrame in a comment on the carousel post. Community vote will be weighted as 25% of the overall vote.

How long should my entry be? Your entry can be anywhere from 10-60 seconds in length. Single continuous takes that showcase the capabilities of Skydio KeyFrame and tell a unique story through the camera motion are preferred, but edits will be considered, as long as the edit enhances the story/creativity.

What is the vote weighting? Skydio Community - 20%, Amber Torrealba - 20%, Tyler McCaul - 20%, Wade Holland - 20%, Abby Wren - 20%.

Who is eligible to participate? Participants must be over the age of 18 and located in the US/Canada to be eligible. 

What aspect format should my entry be? Videos should be exported/shared in 16x9, 1x1, 4x5, or 9x16. If exporting in 1x1, 4x5, or 9x16, make sure the landscape/subject you’re trying to capture is in frame by reframing your footage in editing, otherwise we suggest exporting in 16:9 to showcase the entire frame.

Who is judging the Skydio KeyFrame Challenge? Finalists of the Skydio KeyFrame challenge will be selected by our 4 influencer judges, with 20% of the vote coming from each judge + the Skydio community to decide placement.

What do judges look for in a winning KeyFrame shot? Judges will base their decision based on creativity (originality, subject, location), cinematic camera motion (obstacle navigation, complexity, length), and image quality/presentation (lighting, editing, settings, aspect ratio).

Do I need to own a Skydio 2/2+ to participate? Because entries must be captured with KeyFrame, you must film your entry with a Skydio 2/2+. If you do not own a Skydio drone, try reaching out to a friend or family member to nail the shot together and win your very own Skydio 2+ starter kit!

When is the winner announced? Finalists will be announced via Instagram on May 2nd, with the final placing announced the following week.

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