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Drone Trade-In Program

Trade in your drone and trade up to Skydio

Skydio s2 plus and Skydio X2 Drone front facing

Introducing Skydio’s 2023 Trade-In Program

Now you can exchange your outdated drones for credit towards your next Skydio purchase. It’s the easiest way to update your fleet and take advantage of Skydio’s advances in autonomous flight while investing in a platform that’s designed, serviced, and assembled in the U.S.


Get upfront pricing for your old system, with no need for technical evaluations. What we offer you the first time will be the discount you get.


Receive maximum value for used drones; comparable to what you could get if sold individually on sites like eBay.


Transition technology faster with priority access to Skydio’s secure, innovative drones.

How does this program work?

Skydio provides upfront pricing with no need for an evaluation process, so you know exactly what you'll get for your old system before shipping it out. Sure you could list your drones on online marketplaces. But we'll save you the hassle of posting your items and negotiating with buyers.

What drones will we accept?

Fleets manufactured by DJI, Autel, and Parrot are covered by this program. We only require that your trade-in drone is in working condition. Let us help you transition to a secure, trustworthy, and highly capable system.

How do I get started?

To learn more about this brand new program, see which drone models are eligible for trade-in, and get specific pricing and discount information, please reach out to Skydio’s sales team at

*Limited time offer, valid for select customers. Please contact your Skydio Sales Representative for program pricing and availability.

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