December 22, 2022

The Best Adventure Drone According to Drone Expert, Billy Kyle

Cambria Jacobson

Cambria Jacobson

Billy Kyle, Skydio 2

My name is Billy Kyle, and my YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing my experience flying.  I teach people how to take better aerial photos and videos, and how to make the most of flying your drone.

Drone Expert

I fly all types of drones from FPV drones to GPS drones, but my Skydio 2+ is something entirely different that offers a fun and unique experience. The experience of flying a Skydio 2+  is elevated because I can move around without worrying about crashing, the drone is smart enough to dodge obstacles and correct my flight automatically. On top of this, the software adds a lot of great automated flight features that allow the drone to follow you, fly predetermined routes, and capture epic shots with the tap of a button. I’ll never forget my first time flying the Skydio 2; I had it follow me while on my electric skateboard and was initially so worried about letting it fly by itself.

Skydio 2+ Skateboard

By the end of that same flight, my confidence in the drone skyrocketed as I saw it make nearly impossible moves to fly around obstacles and stay with me. It was an entirely new experience.

“I saw it make nearly impossible moves to fly around obstacles and stay with me. It was an entirely new experience.”

Billy Kyle

Drone Expert Youtuber

I found out about Skydio when they released their first drone, the Skydio R1. The technology in that first drone was very impressive, and with the Skydio 2 being much more affordable, it gave more users the ability to access this technology!

Unbelievable Obstacle Avoidance Software

During my first tracking flight with the Skydio 2+, I was afraid that I would encounter some sort of obstacle that would challenge my drone to a point where it would get stuck or crash, but it continued to impress me as it effortlessly made adjustments. It’s like there is a big bubble around the drone that nothing can get through!

During my first manual flight using the remote controller, I had a blast flying around and trying to crash the drone without any success. I tried running into trees, I tried hitting walls, I even tried flying the drone in between tight gaps and it automatically corrected its course to safely pass around every obstacle I encountered.

Skydio 2+ Drone

Skydio’s Tracking Capabilities

My favorite activity to film with my Skydio is when driving my car. It’s great that it’s smart enough to know that it’s tracking a car and alters its flight accordingly. Whether I am going off-road or driving at a closed track, having the drone zip around with my car is a ton of fun, and the video it captures is great to share the moment!

My favorite video that I have taken with my Skydio was captured at the cranberry bogs in South New Jersey. I was driving my car on the backroads as the Skydio whipped around, dodging trees and capturing the beautiful scenery.

Skydio 2+ Tesla Shot

I get many questions about the Skydio and it’s hard to keep myself from going on and on about what it can do, but if I had to explain this drone in one sentence, I would say: “The Skydio delivers a level of autonomy and safety that makes it one of the most fun drones to bring with me on my adventures.”

“The Skydio delivers a level of autonomy and safety that makes it one of the most fun drones to bring with me on my adventures.”

Billy Kyle

Drone Expert Youtuber

Favorite Skill: Keyframe

Seeing the improvements made to Keyframe since it first came out has me very excited for what this skill will be able to accomplish in the future! I personally use Keyframe on a lot of my client and personal shoots to capture complex shots that otherwise would take me much longer to achieve manually. I have finite control over every movement of the drone so that I can repeat this same shot as many times as I need to with complete precision.

Skydio 2+ City Drone Footage

Best Tips for Drone Usage

To my fellow Skydians reading this, I have a few tips that I can offer you to get the most out of your drone!

First, I would recommend filming in 4K at 60fps. You’re probably going to be capturing high-action activities with this drone so making sure the videos and sharp and fluid is very important!

I would also recommend purchasing the physical remote controller to get some manual flying time in. Having the drone follow you is a lot of fun, but some of the most epic shots come from when you are actually flying the drone yourself!

My final tip would be to take advantage of all of the smart features the Skydio has to offer, like case landing, hand launch, and all of the skills. This is really how you are going to make the most of your smart drone!

Skydio 2+ Billy Kyle

Personally, I really enjoy sharing content I’ve captured with my Skydio on my YouTube channel. I like to post longer flight videos narrating the drone's movements because it always does something that impresses me.

Skydio continues to improve their drones with awesome new firmware updates! Be sure to follow my YouTube channel to learn about all of the new features that are added in the future.

Skydio 2+ drone render

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