June 7, 2021

Featured Flyer Spotlight: Shane Shahan

Kendall Martin

Kendall Martin

Shane Shahan

Shane Shahan is known as the Cable King around SkydioHQ. If you've seen his Instagram, you know that Shane knows how to get the most out of Skydio 2's unique skills, including the Cable skill. While some Skydio 2 owners prefer to let Skydio 2 do all the work, Shane prefers to get creative with the Cable Skill and create stunning landscape and subject reveals. It's only fitting that the King of Cable gets the spotlight in this week's Featured Flyer Spotlight blog post.

Brief Bio, tell us who you are and what you are most proud of accomplishing.

My name is Shane Shahan. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and have lived all over the state. Professionally I work in Operations Management over my companies pipeline assets in the state of Texas. Graduated with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Prior to that I was getting my degree in graphic design and videography. Flying drones has ignited that passion once again being able to capture unique perspectives and create fun content. In my life I am most proud of my humanitarian efforts in the country of Haiti. Over the last 15 years I have gone and worked with communities to build orphanages, schools, and homes for the less fortunate. I am a supporter of two young men (orphans) funding their school, food, and housing; because of the impact they had on me.

Skydio 2 Footage

Do you have experience flying manual drones? If so, How has Skydio been different? Any stories you’d like to share?

No, Skydio 2 was my first drone. I chose it because it gave me the confidence to learn to fly without the worry of crashing, as well as the ability to enjoy the activities I like while capturing great content autonomously. It has been the best experience!

How did you get involved with Skydio?

I got involved by ultimately just enjoying the product! The social media team at Skydio has been awesome to share some content I have produced, and because of that connection I have continuously tried to better my content to help promote their awesome product.

Skydio 2 Cable Cam

What is your favorite activity to pair with your Skydio 2?

Although I love mountain biking, wake surfing, and snowboarding; my favorite activity is tied to my videography interests. Traveling/hiking to beautiful locations, highlighting friends who will act a little, and planning out a shoot to tell a story is my favorite.

Shane Shahan Cable Skydio 2

What is your favorite video that you've shot with your Skydio 2, what do you love about it?

My favorite video would have to be the first adventure I took with my Skydio 2. It was a 2 night camping trip to Arkansas overlooking Whitaker Point. I was on my own camping in my suspended tent overlooking a cliff. The night was an experience! I froze, and probably only got 2 hours of sleep, but being alone in nature I come alive. Anticipating the morning was exciting to me. I was able to visualize what I wanted to film and the morning didn't disappoint! The entire ravine was cloaked in deep fog creating a magical moment of videography. This was my first time doing something like this, I had only practiced the Cable Cam feature once before, but the video came out better than I could have imagined.

Skydio 2 Cable Cam

What is your favorite Skydio Skill, Tip or Trick to help other users get great content?

My favorite skill is the Cable Cam feature. It enables me while on my own to capture beautiful perspectives while being able to add in a little acting on my part to tell a story.

Other tips I have:

  1. Lighting is key for a good shot. Sunrise and Sunset will never disappoint.
  2. If you have a controller, educate yourself on movements that are proven to work. For example; The Reveal is my go to. Start with the drone above and gimbal facing down. Fly the drone backwards and slowly tilt the gimbal up to display the entire piece of scenery you want to show off. There are other movements as well, google Cinematic Drone Techniques.
  3. Have a general idea of how to edit content. Music is the easiest way to tie emotion to video, and emotions are what we remember no matter what we are experiencing.
  4. Know what/where you are wanting to post the content you capture. For example; the new thing is TikTok and Instagram Reels. If you are wanting to post what you capture to these, and are wanting it to fit the screen you need to understand what aspect ratio Skydio 2 films in and adjust the drones positioning in the air to be able to crop it later and it not cut out what you are hoping to present.

Where do you prefer to share your Skydio content and the type of content do you enjoy posting?

Instagram is the only place I really share content. Follow me at @shane.shahan and keep up with my Reels Life! I enjoy posting unique landscape, sunrises, and sunsets; but most of all video with people in it to help tell a story.

Shane Shahan

Anything else you would like to share?

The only other thing I'd like to share is encouragement. Stop comparing, and BE YOU! Do what makes you come alive, capture it and be proud of it. Have fun with it! We don't buy something like this just to show off, but to do something we have an interest in. Let that be enough. If you are a Skydio 2 owner you are creative and adventurous don't ever let any outside pressure dampen that light!

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