• June 07 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Shane Shahan

    Shane Shahan is known as the Cable King around SkydioHQ. If you've seen his Instagram, you know that Shane knows how to get the most out of Skydio 2's unique skills, including the Cable skill.

  • June 02 2021Introducing Skydio 3D Scan™: The Era of Autonomous Drone Inspection is Here

    Today we are celebrating the release of Skydio 3D Scan™, our revolutionary adaptive scanning software that enables Skydio drones to automate the data capture process needed to document complex structures and generate 3D models with comprehensive coverage and ultra-high resolution.

  • June 02 2021U.S. Autonomous Drone Maker Skydio Announces the General Availability of Skydio 3D Scan and Partners with Photogrammetry Leader Bentley Systems

    Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology, today announced the general availability of its adaptive scanning software, Skydio 3D Scan.

  • May 25 20213D Scan Sneak Peek #6 - Mock Car Crash

    Skydio 3D Scan makes the scene documentation process easy with adaptive mapping algorithms that pilot the drone to make a structure-specific 3D scanning path, and follow it with full obstacle avoidance engaged.

  • May 24 202110 Tips to Become a Skydio Featured Flyer

    Ever since the launch of Skydio R1, Skydio’s Community has been fueling the majority of photos and videos seen across our social and marketing channels. In fact 95% of the content in the Skydio 2 launch video was captured by a handful of individuals who had Skydio 2 for only two weeks prior to the announcement. Enabling Skydio’s customers to create incredible content is not only engrained in the ethos of Skydio, but it is also a large part of what makes Skydio’s creative + social channels authentic and meaningful to our audience.

  • May 20 2021JIW grows bridge inspection business 70x by switching to Skydio

    Japan Infrastructure Waymark (JIW) is a rapidly growing drone service provider (DSP) that provides bridge and culvert inspections to Japan’s network of approximately 714,000 bridges. Skydio drones have transformed JIW’s operations, enabling safe flights in complex environments, more precise data capture, and scalable operations. After switching from DJI to Skydio, JIW's inspection business grew 70x in 12 months.

  • May 17 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Lane Womack

    As a content creator, Lane Womack has been a huge contributor to Skydio's video content output. Lane has been featured multiple times on Skydio's social channels and continues to produce high-quality and engaging videos with his Skydio 2.

  • May 13 20213D Scan Sneak Peek: Lunar Lander

    Our latest 3D Scan sneak peek showcases the Lunar Lander, a replica of the spacecraft that put humans onto the surface of the moon. This replica is located at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, which will be hosting Skydio's largest virtual event ever on June 2nd! Read the full blog to learn more about 3D Scan's incredible potential.

  • May 10 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Ian Padgham

    Creativity is something we value highly here at Skydio. Enabling solo-shooters/editors to create works of art that would be impossible with traditional cameras is what gets us going. Today we're extremely excited to Introduce the Skydio community to Ian Padgham.