• May 04 2021US Drone Maker Skydio Announces X2 Drone is Now Shipping for Public Sector & Enterprise and Introduces Skydio Cloud

    Skydio X2 drones with dual color/thermal sensors are now shipping to customers. A new X2 configuration with a single wide-angle color camera for close up inspections is now available for pre-order. In addition, the company also launched Skydio Cloud, a suite of advanced cloud services and robust APIs that unlock the power of drones for use at scale.

  • May 04 2021Skydio X2™: Ready to Take Flight

    Skydio X2™, along with Skydio Autonomy Enterprise Foundation for X2, are ready to take flight and are now shipping to customers. We are also announcing the upcoming availability (available for pre-order) of a new X2 configuration with a color-only payload optimized for up-close capture.

  • May 04 2021Skydio Cloud: A New World of Autonomous Connected Flight Operations

    To build scalable enterprise drone programs, it is absolutely critical that we move toward a world where drones are both smart and seamlessly connected to the cloud.

  • April 29 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Get to Know Alexander Holmblad

    This week we're getting to know Alexander Holmblad an elite runner that has been using Skydio 2 to capture his solo-runs. When we first stumbled across Alexander he was bringing a pilot with him on his runs when he wanted to capture high quality drone shots for his Instagram. Now, he can take his Skydio 2 and get incredible footage all on his own.

  • April 29 2021Skydio to Participate in AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021

    Skydio to hold keynote session, discuss new product announcements, and participate in industry panels at the world’s largest event for unmanned and autonomous systems.

  • April 27 2021Skydio 360 Superzoom - Maximum Drone Situational Awareness Unlocked

    This software feature, known as Skydio 360 Superzoom, allows the drone operator to see 360° around the drone, further assisting the pilot during tactical situational awareness scenarios and detailed industrial asset inspections. In this blog, we are going to review how 360 Superzoom works and go over various use cases that highlight the impact of Skydio 360 Superzoom.

  • April 15 2021Skydio’s Social Responsibility Program

    We are uniquely positioned to develop and work with amazing technology that will revolutionize the drone world with autonomy, so how can we do what we do best and help others even more?

  • April 06 20213D Scan Sneak Peek #4 - Sepulveda Dam

    Check out our newest 3D model, the Sepulveda Dam in Los Angeles, CA. This metal and concrete structure would be tough to inspect with a manual drone due to GPS and magnetometer interference, but Skydio 3D Scan makes it easy. This scan demonstrates 3D Scan's potential to help pilots perform faster, better, and more accurate inspections of all types of infrastructure.

  • April 05 2021Skydio Named Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Company of the Year

    “Skydio excels in many of the criteria in the commercial drone space,” adding “with its artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision‐enabled drones, Frost & Sullivan appreciates how Skydio nicely redefines autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles capabilities. These capabilities allow the drones to operate much more autonomously and can make intelligent decisions about flight paths and obstacle avoidance.”