• September 30 2021Telecom Management With Skydio Autonomous Drones - Inspection ebook Vol 5

    Volume 5 of Skydio's Enterprise Inspection ebook is available now! Check it out to learn what sets the best telecom drones apart from the pack.

  • September 28 2021X2 Color, 3D Scan & Cloud: An Integrated Solution for Autonomous Commercial Drone Inspection

    We are proud and excited to announce the general availability of the first integrated solution for autonomous commercial drone inspection, composed of the following three components of our enterprise stack: Skydio X2 Color, Skydio 3D Scan for X2, Skydio Cloud for X2

  • September 23 2021Explosive Ordnance Disposal with Autonomous Drones

    The positive operational impact of deploying small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) is to send flying sensors into locations that are too dangerous or impractical for humans. sUAS are used in dangerous situations where humans would have to be at high altitude, airborne, or exposed to radioactive or biohazardous material, or blast fragmentation. Learn more about Explosive Ordnance Disposal from Chuck McGraw, a 20-year Navy SEAL veteran.

  • September 22 2021Featured Flyer Spotlight: Cristin Whetten

    I’m Cristin Whetten, also known as Badass Brunette on social media. I do my absolute best to live up to that name and involve myself with a wide range of outdoor hobbies. From off-roading in my Tacoma to dirt biking; skydiving to paddle boarding. I’m living on the road full-time and pursuing the dream of creating and sharing. Getting to this point has been quite a long road but I’m incredibly proud to be here now.

  • Kyle Wells inspecting and cleaning his Skydio 2's sensors before flight
    September 17 2021How to Fly Safely with Skydio 2

    At Skydio, we make drones a little differently than our competition. Since Skydio drones are “built different,” they also fly and operate differently than you may be used to from manual drones. This blog covers all the safety precautions that you should take while operating an autonomous Skydio 2 drone.

  • September 07 2021Bringing The Benefits Of Drones to First Responders

    Drones are one of the best ways to make the critical work of first responders safer and more effective. From improving situational awareness for responding officers, to changing the way crime scenes and collision scenes are documented and investigated, drones are swiftly becoming a foundational tool to protect the public, keep first responders safe, increase transparency and promote accountability.

  • September 02 2021Utility Management With Skydio Autonomous Drones - Inspection ebook Vol 4

    Volume 4 of Skydio's Enterprise Inspection ebook is available now! Check it out to learn what sets the best utility drones apart from the pack.

  • September 01 2021From books and pictures to digital twins. Making, and capturing history with Skydio 3D Scan.

    Pictures and books cannot capture every detail of a building or a vehicle, but 3D models generated by drones come very close! Today, with professional drone mapping, it is easier than ever to freeze a structure in time. With Skydio 3D Scan, drones can autonomously capture a structure’s surface from every angle with complete coverage and ultra-high definition, and create a digital twins of historical assets.

  • August 23 2021How Skydio Drones with 3D Scan Work for Public Safety

    How Skydio’s U.S. manufactured drones are different from other drones on the market and the potential for 3D Scan to make documenting evidence in the crime and accident scene-reconstruction for police much easier.