• skydio drone beacon flying
    November 22 2019When to Use the Beacon or Controller (or both)?

    What is the difference between the Skydio Beacon and Controller? See the different uses for each and how they make using the Skydio drone better. In this post we go through real world examples of when to use the controller or beacon.

  • November 22 2019Introducing the Skydio 2 Pro Kit and Skydio Premier Support

    Armed with the Skydio Autonomy Engine, the Skydio 2 is ready to fly in those environments. But to get it there, airborne, landed, and back home, we had to take care of two things: a rugged package so pilots can manage their gear, and a premier support tier designed to make sure that professionals counting on their Skydio drones can also count on our Skydio support.

  • November 20 2019My First Day at Skydio

    Fritz Reber joined Skydio this week as our new Head of Public Safety Integration after 25 years of service with the Chula Vista Police Department, where he served as Patrol Captain and Unmanned Aerial Systems Commander. Of course, we couldn’t be prouder or more honored to work with someone like Fritz. Here’s what he had to say about coming aboard.

  • October 16 2019Skydio 2 Dock: Enabling Persistent Autonomous Drone Operations

    Today we’re announcing the Skydio 2 Dock — a self contained, weatherproof, charging base station for Skydio 2 that enables truly persistent operations for enterprise applications.

  • October 02 2019Thank you — Skydio 2 batch 1 sold out, now taking reservations for batch 2

    First off: we’d like to thank the first set of customers who have put their confidence in us and made reservations based on our launch yesterday. We are simply overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and everyone at Skydio is excited to double-down on our efforts to make sure our first customers for Skydio 2 get the best possible experience when you receive your drones later this year.

  • October 01 2019Skydio 2 and the Drone Industry

    Last year we introduced Skydio R1 which was our first step on this journey. It was widely recognized as a breakthrough in autonomous flight. It allowed us to put our software to the test in the most challenging real world scenarios and gather feedback from our early customers to whom we will be forever grateful. R1 was like the Roadster of autonomous drones.

  • October 01 2019Announcing The Skydio 2 Drone

    Skydio 2 combines groundbreaking artificial intelligence with a best-in-class 4k60HDR camera, 3.5 kilometers of wireless range, and 23 minutes of flight time in a drone that fits anywhere you can carry a 13” laptop. For experienced pilots, Skydio 2 makes every aspect of flying drones more creative, more fun, more useful, and less stressful.

  • October 01 2019How to Make Money With Your Skydio 2 Drone

    Skydio 2 is the drone that lets you increase your earning power by adding a drone that won’t require months of practice to become proficient. For experienced pilots, Skydio 2 will enable you to focus more on the creative aspects of your work, getting you into the air faster and removing the constant worry of crashing into stuff. You’ll find yourself getting shots you would never attempt with a conventional drone.