• March 01 2021U.S. Autonomous Drone Maker Skydio Announces $170 Million In Series D Funding Led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund

    Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight, today announced it has raised $170 million in Series D funding led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund. This brings total funding raised to over $340 million with a current valuation of over $1 billion.

  • February 24 2021Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Hellah Sidibe

    In this blog we are going to get to know one of our most enthusiastic and energetic Skydio Featured Flyers, Hellah Sidibe. At Skydio we are not only working to empower our customers to capture incredible videos and photos, we also want to have a larger positive impact on the world around us. We are always looking for opportunities where Skydio can provide value to causes we believe in.

  • February 23 20213D Scan Of A Crane Mast: Safer Structure Inspections With Drones

    This blog shares a 3D model of a construction crane mast that was generated fully autonomously using Skydio 3D Scan and Bentley ContextCapture. Read on to learn about the scientific advances behind this incredible technology, and to explore the scene for yourself in 3D.

  • February 22 2021Autonomous Drones for Construction: A Case Study

    This blog shares a recent article posted to with Sundt Construction, summarizing our latest enterprise-focused webinar with how Skydio’s AI-driven autonomous aircraft is opening up new use cases and enabling construction businesses to scale.

  • February 16 2021Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Darren Berrecloth

    This week we sat down with pro mountain biker, Darren Berrecloth to see how he has been using his Skydio 2. Darren is an absolute legend in the downhill mountain biking world, so we knew he would have tons of awesome use-cases for filming with Skydio 2.

  • February 11 2021Pushing the Limits of Drones with Skydio Autonomy

    Drones hold the potential to touch a myriad of industries, unlock new business outcomes, and deliver countless benefits. This is especially true when legacy methods involve heavy equipment that can be costly, inefficient, and disruptive or involve dangerous activities that can put professionals' lives at risk (e.g., industrial inspectors or first responders). Drone technology is continuously evolving, with a range of aircraft and sensors driving an opportunity that is forecasted to be worth $42.8 billion by 2025.

  • February 10 2021Skydio Featured Flyer: Get to Know Mark Freeman

    Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to a few of these creators who we are proud to support and stoked to introduce as official partners of Skydio as well as some Skydio Featured Flyers. Without further ado, meet Mark Freeman, aka MarkFreeman408.

  • February 09 2021U.S. Drone Maker Skydio Selected for Final Integration in the U.S. Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance Program

    Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight, today announced the U.S. Army elected to continue with the Skydio X2D SRR system to complete remaining integration and documentation requirements within the Other Transaction Agreement Prototype Phase.

  • February 01 2021The Skydio 2 Drone For Wildlife Conservation - The Namibian Black Rhino Custodianship Program

    The Skydio Autonomy Engine features a number of incredible characteristics that can help enable wildlife reserves to safely and efficiently monitor their ecosystems. An easy and safe to fly drone opens up a new world of opportunity for conservationists to use drones.